5 Implementation of Alternative Energy Sources for Better Life

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.13
5 Implementation of Alternative Energy Sources for Better Life
Actually, there are many examples of the application of alternative energy sources that are used today. In fact, in the wild, unlimited alternative energy is available. Examples such as water, wind, geothermal, and sunlight, and much more.

Not only does it save on bills, but alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly will support the preservation of nature until it is passed onto future generations.

What is an alternative energy source?

Basically, alternative energy sources are energy that will not run out, such as the sun. If you hear the term alternative energy sources, it usually refers to renewable energy sources or energy sources to replace oil and coal.

What is not an alternative energy source?

Fossil fuels are not an alternative energy source. The reason, the number is limited and can run out at any time. In addition, fossil fuels can release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is what makes planet earth threatened by global warming and climate change.

In fact, burning wood or sawdust still produces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, wood is an alternative energy source, as long as it comes from sustainably managed forests. Or, even though sawdust comes from wood and recycled waste, its combustion still produces carbon dioxide. Either logs or processed wood sawdust, will still release particulate carbon emissions into our atmosphere. 

Examples implementation of alternative energy sources.

Here are some examples of the implementation of environmentally friendly alternative energy sources that you deserve to consider!

1. Roof solar panels

One of the alternative sources of environmentally friendly energy that is quite popular is rooftop solar panels. Some households have even switched to using roof solar panels as a source of electricity generation at home, or in small-scale industries.

Not a few also, several large companies, places of worship, or public facilities, also apply solar panel roofs as supporting electric power.

Although, the operation of this solar panel roof is very dependent on the intensity of sunlight. However, if it is combined or combined with a conventional electricity network, of course it will greatly save your electric energy bill, right!

2. Solar oven

No budget yet to make a large solar panel roof as an alternative energy source? Don't worry, you can still use sunlight for a small part of the house with alternative energy sources. Namely, making a solar oven.

What is a solar oven? Usually, ovens use a power plug to heat up food, right? Well, here you are passively heating food with an alternative energy source in the form of exposure to sunlight.

The way a solar oven works is by absorbing the heat of the sun to warm or heat food. If you don't want to bother making your own, you can also buy this solar oven on the market.

The advantage of a solar oven is that it can heat food like a normal oven. But, the difference is free at no cost. In addition, the solar oven continues to function when the power goes out.

3. Solar water heater

Furthermore, an example of the application of alternative energy sources that can be found is solar water heaters. In some areas where the temperature is cold, a warm or hot shower can be very comfortable.

However, if you have to boil water every day or rely on an electric water heater, it will certainly burden your monthly PLN bill. This is where the role of solar water heaters is to heat water tanks. Next, hot water will flow through the faucet or shower.

The application of examples of alternative energy sources for water heating is much cheaper than boiling water using LPG gas or electricity.

4. Solar AC

The concept is similar to a solar water heater, but here hot water is used for AC (Air Conditioning) or air conditioning. Usually, the air conditioner is one of the electronic furniture that sucks the most electric power.

Therefore, almost every house that uses air conditioning, the electricity bill can swell to millions of rupiah. Especially for those who live in hot cyclic areas. Solar air conditioners can help cool the room while still saving money and being environmentally friendly.

5. Powerwall

As the name implies, an example of this alternative energy source is a solar-powered wall. Similar to a rechargeable power bank, the powerwall can also be programmed to charge itself when the power starts to run low.

However, powerwall is best used when combined with alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power. Powerwall can store excess electricity when not in use. So, you can use electrical energy even when the sun is setting or the wind is not blowing.

Powerwall is designed to enhance source functionality of alternative energy, so that electricity supply is always available at all times.

The future of alternative energy

As the world's population increases, the demand for energy supplies will increase. Covering households, businesses, and large-scale industries. Alternative energy sources are the key to maintaining an inexhaustible energy supply and protecting the planet from climate change.

The hope is that in the future, we will always have unlimited, cheaper, and environmentally friendly alternative energy sources. Just like Hyundai Motors, which is passionate about delivering environmentally friendly electric car innovations.