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Media Wall

The Media Wall is a visual channel for Hyundai Motor to share its vision for the future. Hyundai Motorstudio surrounded by LED screens consist of media art that show you about life and imagination, exploring human movement, figurative forms, and emerging technology to push the boundaries of human digital art and creative experience. You will see Hyundai’s mission to lead the discourse in clean mobility.

  • Run Forever
    1 Run Forever
    Visualized eco-friendly energy technology for a clean mobility society in the future. This video created in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company and Universal Everything. Universal Everything is a group of UK-based digital art and design artists founded in 2004 by Creative Directors Matt Pyke.
  • Re : Cycle
    2 Re : Cycle
    Vividly expresses the process of recycling plastic waste discarded in the sea into sustainable material. This video is also created in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company and Universal Everything. The creative Directors are Matt Pyke and Sam Renwick.
  • Sustainability / Hyundai IONIQ 5
    3 Sustainability / Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Introduces eco-friendly materials used in IONIQ 5. Fabric made of recycled PET bottles is used for sheets and armrests, and up to 32 PET bottles are recycled per IONIQ 5. Eco-friendly recycled materials and warm color tones complete the cozy and inviting environment. All eco-friendly recycled materials are safe and produced properly as per standard.
  • Hyundai x BTS
    4 Hyundai x BTS
    BTS is Hyundai Motor Company's Brand Ambassador since 2018, and ths video was made in collaboration with BTS on Earth Day 2021. It is in this same spirit that Hyundai has created eco-friendly fuel cell electric vehicle. We want to invite people to improve their everyday lives while raising awareness and inspiring others to make meaningful changes in their lives too. For tomorrow, we won't wait. Because of you.