Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

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Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth
Indonesia is a tropical country, so it does not have the coldest places on earth because it is located on the equator. As we know, tropical countries only have 2 seasons, dry and rainy. The rainy season is one way for tropical countries to feel cold, but the cold caused by the rainy season is still very far from the temperature during winter in many sub-tropical countries which have 4 seasons.

Considered the coldest places on earth, Waghete – Papua, The small town of Waghete is located in Deiyai Regency, Papua, Indonesia. As one of the coldest cities in Indonesia, the temperature of the city of Waghete can reach 15 degrees Celsius during the day.

Can you imagine that there are places so cold that people literally melt ice to drink water during the winter? With temperatures below freezing, people do inhabit these places, and have developed unique ways to survive there. Is it, right? Launching from the Times of India, here are the five coldest cities in the world, where the cold is brutal.

1. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is the coldest place on earth permanently inhabited place on Earth. In 1933, the lowest temperature recorded at Oymyakon was -67.7°C. This town has a population under 500 people. Schools in Oymyakon will only close if the temperature is lower than -55°C, which is the average minimum temperature during winter.

Located just a few hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle, Oymyakon in Russia is believed to be the coldest place on Earth. With a population of 500 residents, this Russian village saw the average January temperature drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

The coldest temperature ever recorded here was in 1933, when the temperature dropped to minus 90 degrees Celsius.

2. Snag, Canada

Snag Canada also makes this list as one of the coldest places on earth. Snag is a village in the Yukon Region, which recorded minus 63 degrees Celsius on February 3, 1947; it was the lowest temperature ever recorded on the North American continent. Also, during winter, the place gets so cold that people usually choose to stay indoors to avoid ice bites.

3. Utqiagvik, Alaska

Formerly known as Barrow, this northernmost city in the United States is located 320 miles. north of the Arctic Circle. Please note, when the sun sets here on November 18 or 19, it doesn't rise again for 65 days.

On average, the city sees temperatures above freezing for only 120 days per year, while for the remaining 160 days of the year, Utqiagvik's temperatures remain below zero degrees.

4. Nursultan, Kazakhstan

During winter, temperatures in the capital range from minus 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Home to more than 800000 inhabitants, Astana is the second coldest capital city after Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Although the summer months are usually warm, the winters here are long, dry and very cold.

5. Vostok, Antarctica

Vostok Antarctica is located about 1000 km from the South Pole. Home to a small population of scientists, Vostok is one of the most inhospitable and driest areas in the world where temperatures can even drop to minus 129 degrees Celsius.

As per the records, the research station does not receive any sunlight from May to August. However, when the sun rises here, it is also the sunniest place on the planet, and receives about 22.9 hours of sunlight.

6.  East Antarctic Plateau

East Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica (-94°C) The East Antarctic Plateau has been named the coldest place on Earth. In 2004-2016, satellite data compiled by Dome Argus and Dome Fuji, this region had temperatures reaching -94°C. The researchers suspect that the dry air around the East Antarctic Plateau is causing the cooler temperatures.

7. Amundsen-Scott Station

Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica (-82.8°C) Located at the South Pole, Amundsen-Scott Station, founded in 1956, is the third coldest place on Earth. However, Amundsen-Scott Station still gets six months of summer. The coldest temperature ever recorded at Amundsen-Scott Station was -82.8°C in June 1982.

8. Denali, Alaska

Denali, Alaska, United States (-73°C) Denali formerly known as Mount McKinley is the highest mountain peak in North America. Also read: Ice Sheet in Arctic Last Ice Area Continues to Melt due to Climate Change With an average temperature of -10°C, it is rare for people to make it to the top of Denali. In 1950 and 1969, the weather station in Denali recorded the coldest temperature, which was around -73°C.

9. Klinck Station, Greenland (-69.6°C)

Klinck Station is the coldest place on Earth. The station, located in central Greenland, recorded a temperature of -69.6°C in December 1991. Despite the extreme cold, most of Greenland's ice is melting rapidly.

10. Yakutsk, Siberia (-64.4°C)

Yakutsk is the coldest place on Earth that still experiences warm summers even for a short time. This place has a long and very cold winter. The lowest temperature in Yakutsk was recorded in 1891, at -64.4°C.