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12 The Most Creative Crafts from Straws

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.09.05
12 The Most Creative Crafts from Straws

Nobody would ever thought, from used straws or unused trash, you can make various unique and functional handicrafts.

Straws are one of the easiest plastic waste to find. This is because plastic straws are generally only used once, so they pile up in the trash.

After being washed, used straws can be used as elements of colorful decorative handicrafts. In addition, plastic straws are waterproof and easy to shape.

Some of the following craft ideas from straws will make your creativity flow even more and add a lot of inspiration! Let's check these out:

Crafts From Straws

Confused about spending the weekend? Instead of traveling, how about making handicrafts from straws? Check out the ideas below to make it easier for you to be creative:

1. Spelling board

Connect two straws to make a pipe where you can spell out letter combinations. Change the letters by entering and removing one by one to form the desired word.

Crafts from straws are suitable for toddlers or kindergarten age children who are learning to spell letters.

2. Straw rocket

Crafts from these straws can be played by children so they can forget about online games for a moment. You just need to download and print the rocket pattern , then attach the used dropper on the back.

Insert the straw into the pipette, and blow as hard as possible to launch the rocket into the air.

3. Flower vase

It's good, is not it! Many people probably wouldn't have guessed it. It turned out that the beautiful flower vase that became a decoration in the living room was made of used straws.

You just need to glue each straw with hot glue. Form a circle like a tube, and secure it with string or ribbon. The bottom gives a base of thick cardboard to make it more neat and sweet.

4. Beautiful View

Cut the colorful straws into small pieces. Then, stick it with glue on the HVS paper to form the desired design. For example, you can form an umbrella, ocean, and sun that describe the beauty of vacationing by the beach.

5. Maze puzzles

If you make handicrafts from straws on this one, it will definitely make children not bored playing it. Make a maze in a cardboard city, then push the marbles from the beginning of the entrance until they make it to the exit. To solve the maze puzzles, players must tilt the cardboard box so that the marbles can continue to advance to the finish line.

6. Straw flute

For children who love music, these straw crafts will be perfect for honing their artistic skills and talents. You only need 5 large straws, then cut them into different lengths. Arrange and glue with tape.

Blow on the top of the straw and make up your own song. Each straw, which is a different length, will also create a different tone.

7. Blowing paint

Maybe you will think that handicrafts from straws on this one make the house a mess. But, take it easy! You can cover the table with old newspapers or invite the children to play in the yard.

First, provide a tray on which a sheet of paper has been placed as a canvas. Then, add a few drops of watercolor. Furthermore, the children are free to make painting creations by blowing the paint. Thus, forming abstract images or other creations. Wait for the painting to dry, and add details to the image with a marker.

8. Room decoration

You can make room decorations with colorful color pop nuances with straws. How to make handicrafts from straws is very simple. First tie 15-20 straws in the middle using cable ties.

Tighten this knot until slowly all the straws come together in the center, and stick out at the ends like a star.

9. Straw necklace and bracelet

Another straw craft idea that you can try is to make jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.

Materials that need to be provided are just a few colorful straws, thread or hook, and scissors. Cut the curved part of the straw, then shape it into a triangle.

Next, make a series of these triangles until they are about the size of the child's neck. This activity of making handicrafts from straws will greatly encourage creativity. You can also be creative to make accessories or other models of necklaces and bracelets at will.

10. Photo frames

Want to display a photo of your little one, but no photo frame? Instead of buying, it's better to make your own crafts from straws. All you need are colorful straws, glue, cardboard and scissors.

First, cut the cardboard according to the desired frame size. Arrange and glue the straws to cover the pattern part of the frame. Make sure in the center to form the size of the photo neatly. The photo frame is ready!

11. Straw flower

Maybe no one thought, the beautiful flowers that decorate your desk are made of used straws. There are many creative ways to make crafts from straws. One of them is artificial flowers.

Curious how to make flowers from straws? The result is very beautiful and looks like the original, you know! First, choose your favorite straw color and start following the steps for making it .

12. Straw butterfly

Butterflies from these straws barely look like they're made from recycled materials. You will need small pieces of straw, clothes pins, and a drawstring or drawstring bag.

Arrange and assemble the straw pieces that are connected using a rope. Then, stick it on the paper to form a butterfly. Use clothespins as part of the butterfly's body. Add eyes, mouth, and antennae to make the butterfly even more cute.

So, now you know, what can you do when there are a lot of straws piled up after the party? There are various kinds of handicrafts from straws that you can try with your children or friends. Go on, try it right now! In addition, you can also participate in managing waste into art objects that are worthy.