Simple! Follow These 10 Ways To Clean Car Engines

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.12
Simple! Follow These 10 Ways To Clean Car Engines
The car is one of the vehicles that is currently very much needed. In contrast to two-wheeled vehicles, aka motorcycles, which can only carry a small number of passengers, cars can carry more passengers. Plus, it can be used to transport various other necessary items with more capacity.

In the past, cars were only owned by certain groups. However, now anyone can own a car. Be it a small family, traders, employees, and so on. Because of this, it is not surprising that the number of car users has increased drastically.

If you have a car then you have to clean it too. A clean and shining car is certainly very beautiful to look at. The car must also be regularly maintained so that when driving it will remain comfortable and safe.

Actually, there is one small thing that is often forgotten by car owners. What's that? Yes, cleaning car engine parts. The car engine itself is very important as the "life" of the car itself. So, in addition to routinely servicing, you also need to clean the parts in the car engine. How to clean a car engine is very easy. Check out the following guide!

Why Should You Clean Your Car Engine?

As previously explained, the car engine must be considered clean. Although the engine part of the car is covered, it is better to clean it regularly. This is important to avoid the various risks of damage that could occur. In addition, it can also support the performance of your favorite car.

Extending the life of the car can be in simple ways. One of them by cleaning the car engine. There are a lot of mechanical components and electrical components in the engine room of a car. Therefore, special cleaning techniques must be applied.

If you don't have time to clean the car engine, you can go to a car wash service or engine detailing. But, if you have free time to clean it, let's try to follow how to clean car engine in the following discussion.

How to clean car engine

To clean a car engine, there are several steps you can take, here are the steps:

1. Schedule periodically

Schedule a regular car wash, then you can choose the right day to clean it. For example, the weather is sunny, the humidity is low, and the wind is not so strong. So that it helps dry the components in the car engine after cleaning.

2. Cool the hood

If the car runs out, you should open the hood of the car and let the engine cool down, at least for 15 minutes. Hot car engine components will cause fire and damage components. Because of the rapid contraction when sprayed with cold water.

3. Remove the plastic cover under the hood

The third step in how to clean car engine is to remove all the plastic covers that are under the hood. On this subject can be rubbed separately, yes. Don't forget to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Thus, helping to protect electrical components from damage, then remove the battery part (optional).

4. Close the component

Use plastic bags to cover all sensitive electrical components such as batteries, engine controls, and ignition wires. You should also cover if there is any exposed air under the hood. To do rinsing, you also need to be careful because you have to protect the electronic parts and clean them thoroughly so that the risk of damage is smaller.

5. Spraying Degreaser

Spray thoroughly to all engine components with a degreaser. You can also use household degreaser, yes. Such as kitchen cleaners or machines made with special formulas.

6. Rub the machine

If your car engine is not so dirty, then there is no need to scrub. But, if necessary, you should rub it properly. Especially in the valve cover which has become a gathering place for oil, as well as dirt for years.

To scrub it use a small brush with synthetic bristles (not metallic bristles) which will really help clean degreaser and dirt. If necessary, add more degreaser.

7. Rinse the compartment

Usually, the process of flushing the compartment or the bottom of the car will be easier if you use a special spray hose like in a car wash. Rinse all compartments, from back to front, removing all degreaser. But, be careful, okay? Try not to spray water on the electrical components directly, and avoid spraying a lot of water on areas that are difficult to dry.

8. Dry with a compressor

If you have an air compressor, then you can use it to dry the tough areas dry. Like, in the nooks and crannies to remove excess water in the area. A towel or cloth to remove any water and dirt that may still remain.

9. Make Replacement

Then, you must reinstall the negative terminal on the battery and remove the bag that covers the electrical component.

10. Repeat routine

And the last one on how to clean car engine is that you have to repeat it. Do not let the engine components get too dirty because it will greatly affect engine performance. Degreasing can be done every one or two years and will greatly help keep the engine running clean.

Apply the steps in how to clean car engine above to keep the car engine's at the best performance, good luck!