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Hybrid Cars and Their 8 Advantages

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.08
Hybrid Cars and Their 8 Advantages

The hybrid car segment is gaining more popularity thanks to the flexibility of the engine. Hybrid cars are equipped with two types of engines with different configurations, electric engines and conventional engines that use fuel.

Depending on the model, the electric engine will take a place when the car is running at low speeds, while the conventional engine will provide power at high speeds.

That means, hybrid cars can be used to save fuel so the carbon emissions can be reduced. In short, choosing a hybrid car means participating in protecting the environment.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Cars?

Compared to conventional cars, hybrid cars offer many advantages, especially in the environmental and financial aspects. Here are a number of advantages of hybrid cars.

1. Eco-Friendly

The main advantage of hybrid cars over conventional cars is they are cleaner with longer mileage. This is the reason why the hybrid type is categorized as an eco-friendly car, commonly called a green-car.

Hybrid cars can run with two different engines, either with gasoline or electricity which is great to reduce the fuel consumption while conserving energy. This advantage will contribute globally in reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

2. Financial Advantage

Interestingly, hybrid cars are now widely supported by various cross-industry companies. Many incentives are offered if you want to buy a hybrid vehicle, making it easier for consumers, even for the middle class.

This benefit is added to the annual tax which tends to be lower than conventional cars. Since the fuel consumption becomes more efficient, it means that there are budgets that can be saved. On the plus side, this will save you monthly expenditures given that fuel prices will continue to rise in the future.

3. Less Maintenance

Hybrid vehicles use a combination of a high-voltage battery, electric drive, and ICE components to power the engine. So, the electric engine configuration is different from the combustion engine.

Since electric engines rarely fail, regular maintenance is not required. It means no budget must be spent to maintain or repair. However, it is far better to allocate the costs just in case.

4. Less Depend On Fuel

Hybrid cars are clean vehicles, so they don't need more fuel to run. It means the emissions can be reduced and less depend on the fuel. In a broader picture, hybrid vehicles lowering the fuel prices.

In hybrid vehicles, the engine automatically shuts down when the car is in idle and turns on when the gas pedal is pressed. This technology is useful if you want to stop for any purpose.

5. Automatic Mode

One of the biggest fears for consumers who want to switch to hybrid cars is the fear of not having enough power to travel from one place to another, popularly called by range anxiety. Though, no need to worry!

When the power stored in the battery runs low, the car automatically switches to a conventional engine. The auto-change mode is convenient because, in fact, it is easier to find gas stations nowadays.

Hybrid cars have a different charging method. Each time the brake pedal is stepped on, the charging is automatically start. This is the main point that distinguishes between hybrid cars and electric cars.

In hybrid vehicles, the internal mechanical system is capturing the energy released during braking and using it to charge the battery. That means the car doesn't have to sit still to charge.

6. Lighter

Compared to conventional cars, hybrid vehicles are lighter. This is because hybrid cars are designed with lightweight materials so they don't need more energy to run. Although it has two different engine configurations, it is still lighter than engines powered by fuels.

7. Engine Mode

Depending on the setting, hybrid vehicles can run entirely on electric engines. This usually occurs when the car is run at low speed. The same condition may occur in the idle position, or when the engine has just been started.

The conventional engines only work if the car is moving at high speed. Both electric engines and fuel engines are designed to work differently. But for some conditions, such as when accelerating or climbing uphill, the electric engine will help the conventional engine to deliver more power.

8. High Selling Value

With the expensive world fuel prices, more and more consumers switch to hybrid vehicles. As a result, this eco-friendly car has a high selling value because it is being wanted by consumers who have just switched to hybrid vehicles.

As fuel prices rise and hybrid cars grow in popularity, many consumers want more efficient vehicles. So, hybrid vehicles experienced a surge in selling value.

In case you are dissatisfied with the hybrid vehicle you already have, there will always be an opportunity to sell it at a premium price to new consumers.

Today, there are more consumers who are aware of the green aspect, and hybrid vehicles are the most logical solution if you want to contribute in protecting the environment in an unconventional way.