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8 Reasons Why Hyundai Staria 9 Seats Are the Best Family Car

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.05
8 Reasons Why Hyundai Staria 9 Seats Are the Best Family Car

Hyundai Staria is one of the most unique family vehicles to hit the streets today. As a modern car, Staria is equipped with a number of advantages that are not found in other vehicles.

Staria has a stylish, attractive look, spacious interior, and an efficient diesel engine. These combinations make Staria as the best family car in its class.

As a modern car, Hyundai has provided Staria with a number of comforts and reliable safety features. So, it is possible to say that Hyundai Staria is the most ideal family car today.

Reason why Hyundai Staria is the Best

By Hyundai, Staria is specially designed for the family segment. This can be seen from the spacious cabin for 9 adults. Besides the spacious cabin, there are other advantages of Hyundai Staria as a family car.

1. Roomy Cabin

Among the main advantages of Hyundai Staria is the super spacious cabin. The dimensions of Hyundai Staria are 5,253 mm and 1,997 mm with a height of 1,990 mm. Such large dimensions provide more comfort, making it suitable for large families.

The leg area is wide enough so that anyone can adjust its position comfortably. There is an empty area in the middle to support the movement in the car. This is a benefit, especially if you bring children who are quite active during the trip.

2. Captain Seat

With a spacious cabin, the dimensions of the seats become larger to bring extra comfort while driving. Hyundai calls it a captain seat. It is a type of big seat that is equipped with a seat belt and elbow support that can be folded, and all of them can be adjusted to go back and forth.

This seat can be found in the first to third rows. Especially for the last row seats, Hyundai provides long seats with flat surfaces for three passengers. This seat is equipped with a seat belt without elbow rest.

3. Complete Dashboard

Hyundai has provided Staria with a number of entertainment features that can be accessed directly from the dashboard. There is an 8 inches touch screen monitor which is equipped with Bluetooth connection, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, radio, and USB.

As part of the entertainment, Hyundai provides Bose speakers that have Dynamic Speed ​​Compensation tech. Playing favorite playlists is easier through the connection options, especially during long trips.

4. Sliding Door

For passengers who want to get in without hassle, Hyundai provides direct access via a sliding door on the side which is equipped with Smart Power Sliding Door tech.

There is a special button in the door handle to open it from the outside. Meanwhile, if you want to get out, there is a panel to open the door, or simply access the button on the B pillar.

If you don't want to move, Hyundai provides a special button that is placed at the top without having to be pressed to open or close. However, this feature will work when the car is in neutral position.

The same technology is applied to the rear door through the Smart Power Tailgate feature. Just by bringing the key closer, the back door automatically opens.

5. Supervisory Monitor

The large dimensions sometimes make it difficult for the driver to see around, but this will not be the case for Staria. Surround View Monitor and Blind Spot View Monitor help the driver to stay aware around the car.

Especially during traffic jams or busy roads, this monitor is useful. The instrument cluster will display certain areas of the car. When the right turn signal is on, the right area of the car will be displayed on the screen, and vice versa.

This feature clearly makes it easier for the driver to change directions, turn, and perform other maneuvers during the trip.

6. Strong Performance

Large dimensions require great power, and Hyundai is aware of this. Using 8-speed automatic shift-by-wire technology, Staria is able to produce a stable performance, more powerful but also efficient.

There is a choice of driving modes to maximize the car performance according to the needs and road conditions. ECO mode for fuel efficiency, SPORT for maximum performance, SMART for automatically adjusting the gear position, and COMFORT for getting comfort every time driving.

7. Smart Intelligent Safety

Because of its ability to transport many people at once, Hyundai provides the latest safety features. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) and Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) are the two most important.

FCA is useful for alerting the driver for a risk of a collision from the front, while BCA helps avoid accidents due to blindspot. Safe Exit Assist (SEA) will alert the driver if you want to open the door when another vehicle approaches.

Other features include Lane Keeping Assist which warns if the car is getting out of the track, Lane Following Assist to keep the car in the lane, and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist which is able to stop the car in an emergency situation.

8. High Visibility

Lighting is an important aspect if you want to drive at night, and Hyundai Staria is equipped with 4 LED points on each side as the main light.

When the headlights are turned on, there are 6 LED light points that are on. Two other LED light points function as remote lights that are useful in the dark road.