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12 Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars to Make It More Useful

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.21
12 Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars to Make It More Useful

Do you have a lot of empty glass jars or bottles at home? If so, don't just throw it in the trash. Let's learn different ways to recycle glass bottles so they can be used again.

You will be amazed at how many useful things are made from recycled glass bottles. Ready to read? Come on, let's get started!

1.  Flower Vase

vas bunga.png 155.03 KB

Want the dining table to look more aesthetic? Come on, recycle glass bottles to decorate the dining table or living room table. To be more artistic, you can add a frame from a wooden plank measuring 1 inch x 6 inches.

Then, drill a hole in the top of the wooden plank so that the mouth of the glass bottle can be inserted. Next, you just need to add flowers or artificial plants that are practical and beautiful.

But, if you want live flowers or plants, that's fine too. Don't forget to add water so the flowers don't wilt quickly.

2.  Chandelier

lampu gantung.png 146.91 KB

Crafts from recycled glass bottles are then quite simple. You just cut the bottle in half with a special glass cutter (many are available in online marketplaces). Then, sand the bottom of the bottle to make it smoother.

Next, paint or coat it with colorful insulation. After that, you can immediately install the lamp and hang it in your favorite room.

3.  Painting Flower Vase

vas bunga lukis.png 220.11 KB

Adding bright colors to home decor is not difficult. The next idea to recycle glass bottles is to paint unused glass bottles or jars with bright and charming colors.

Once painted, turn the bottle upside down and dry in the sun until the paint dries. After the paint is dry, you can add artificial flowers or fresh plants to it.

4.  Oil Lamp

lampu minyak.png 234.95 KB

The next glass bottle recycle idea is really cool. You can use a glass bottle as an oil lamp holder. The trick, just fill half the bottle with kerosene, gasoline, cooking oil, or spirit oil.

Then, insert the wick string into the bottle. Next, just turn it on. This recycled glass bottle is perfect for decorating at garden parties or romantic dinners in the backyard.

5.  Rainbow Lantern

lentera pelangi.png 249.48 KB

You can have lots of glass bottle recycling ideas with brushes and colorful paints. Like the idea of recycling glass bottles this time, you can simply paint used glass bottles with attractive colors.

Then, cut the bottle in half. After that, light an aromatherapy candle and place a glass bottle on it. Decoration and aromatherapy candles are ready!

6.  Soap Bottle

botol sabun.png 190.72 KB

Next, try the inspiration of recycling used drink glass bottles or used cosmetic bottles into dish soap bottles. Decorate it by sticking letter stickers or cute character image stickers to make it more interesting.

You can also reuse or recycle glass bottles as a dispenser for bath soap, hand soap, and more. Just add a small pump that fits perfectly, and this DIY dispenser will make an eco-friendly gift for loved ones.

7.  Bird Feed Container

This glass bottle recycle inspiration uses a little wooden plank, a few screws, and a piece of wire rope. Actually, you don't have to use the ingredients above, because you can be as creative as you like.

You only need to cut the glass bottle in half, then place it upside down to put seeds or bird feed. When the bottle is empty, simply loosen the wire rope to pick up the glass bottle and refill it.

8.  Spray Bottle

One of the easiest glass bottle recycling ideas is to use as a spray bottle. You simply attach a spray nozzle from an old plastic bottle to a glass bottle.

This spray bottle can be filled with disinfectant to clean germs and bacteria. Or, you fill it with water to spray the plants.

9.  Reading Lamp

For those of you who like to read, this glass bottle recycle idea will be very useful. You can reuse old glass bottles or jars as reading lights.

First, paint the glass bottle with a gray or beige color. Then, attach a fabric lampshade or shade such as basket wicker. Reading light from glass bottle recycle ideas is done!

10. Candy and Chocolate Container

Everyone wants their house to look neat, organized and beautiful. One simple way is to recycle glass bottles as chocolate candy containers. What you need is a glass bottle or used glass jar, then wash it thoroughly. After drying, the glass bottle can be used as a beautiful colorful chocolate candy container.

11. Needle Case

Do you like sewing or making crafts? This glass bottle recycle tool will be very useful. Take scraps of patchwork, a sponge, and a glue gun. You can recycle glass jars or recycle glass bottles as equipment for putting needles. Wrap the sponge in a patchwork, then glue the bottom of the sponge wrap to make it look neat.

Not only that, a jar or glass bottle can also be a place to store used buttons. With a unique pad on the top as a place to stick the needle, you won't have to worry about losing the needle or bothering looking for a needle when you need it. This glass bottle recycle idea is also suitable for gifts or gifts for friends who like to sew.

12. Classic Candy Container

This glass bottle recycle idea uses a glass jar as a candy container with a silver lid. By painting the lid on the jar, you can turn an ordinary glass jar into a classic candy jar.

When you're done, place it on the table as a decoration or serve a snack in the middle of the guests' meal. Can also be used as a place for party treats, or other special celebrations.

13. Hanging Organizer

You can reuse jars or other glass bottles as an organizer or container for various items. One of the ideas for recycling glass bottles as an organizer for markers.

First, cut the bottle or glass jar in half vertically. Then, stick it on a wooden board. Later, this board can be hung or affixed to the wall.

Not only as a marker container or pencil holder, you can also place this glass bottle recycle idea on the kitchen wall as a spice container or spoon holder. Cool, right!

Actually there are many other recycle glass bottles ideas that you can create. If you don't have much time or wanna do a simple trick, you can just clean the bottle or glass jar. Then you can make it a flower vase, plant pot, sugar container, coffee, or other ideas. Enjoy and have fun!