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8 Types of Cars in Indonesian Market and Its Explanation

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.30
8 Types of Cars in Indonesian Market and Its Explanation

Not all cars are equal. Each car is designed specifically according to the intended segment. In Indonesia, cars are divided into different types with specific functions.

Identifying the type of cars is not as difficult as imagined. The easiest trick is to look at the complete design of the car or the transmission system, as well as the configuration of the engine or the type of fuel used.

Though, the development of concept cars, along with their prototypes, the latest car designs sometimes different from the standard. This makes the definition of each car more ambiguous and unclear.

Types of Cars in Indonesia

With so many types of cars available in the local market, it is important to understand each type so you don't make the wrong choice. MPV, SUV, and hatchback are popular types of cars, but there are other types as follows.

1. MPV

MPV cars are considered as the most popular vehicle lines due to several advantages because the cabin is spacious enough to carry more passengers. It could be a car that is most suitable for the local market.

MPV stands for multipurpose vehicle, which means a versatile vehicle for various needs. That is why, MVP cars have larger dimensions than others. The spacious cabin is the main focus of the MPV which can carry 7 passengers.

MPV models now come with different variants such as compact, low, medium, and luxury. Each variant is designed for a more specific segment, with the luxury MPV being the most expensive.

2. SUV

SUV is also increasingly popular in the local market because of the unusual platform. An SUV is a combination of a sedan and a jeep, not too small and not too big.

This design is suitable for the Indonesian streets which tend to be tight and crowded. Because it uses the platform of jeeps and sedans, SUVs are suitable for all terrains, whether on urban roads or dirt roads.

This flexibility is supported by an engine configuration that is capable of producing greater torque with a 4WD. This is supported by interior and exterior designs that are attractive.

3. Sedan

To drive comfortably in the city, a sedan is a great choice. Sedan focuses on the aspect of user comfort while offering high performance. It is possible to say that a sedan is a special car for urban areas with a maximum capacity of 5 people.

This can be spotted from the low ground clearance, plus a special trunk at the back. In general, the sedan is available in several variants such as mini, medium, and luxury.

For the local market, the medium sedan is the easiest type to find. For those who want flexibility and speed, like contractors or office workers, a sedan is a perfect choice.

4. Hatchback

The Hatchback model is increasingly popular thanks to its unusual design. At first glance, the hatchback looks like an MPV car but more compact, a sedan without a trunk with slightly larger dimensions.

Because it is more like a sedan, the hatchback only accommodates 5 passengers. The smaller dimensions make the hatchback look more agile through urban areas without obstacles. 

Still, the hatchback is able to provide a comfortable atmosphere even though the cabin seems smaller.

5. Sports

Fast performance and thin design with low ground clearance are the hallmarks of sports cars. Its height is even lower than a sedan but wider. Sports cars have extraordinarily high specs compared to other types of cars, as well as the features and technology.

The engine configuration in a sports car will never be found in an ordinary car. Sporty design, great power, and great performance are some of the advantages. However, this spec comes at a price.

6. Coupe

If you want to get romantic when driving, a coupe is the best option. In general, coupes are more like sedans but shorter without a permanent roof. Unlike sedans, coupes can only carry two passengers.

The classic feel offered by the coupe is timeless, that's why this car is expensive, almost similar to a sports car. The main advantages are the design, style and performance. Since its roof can be opened, coupes are often called convertibles.

7. Offroad

An offroad car is the opposite of a sports car, only for off-road activities. This car has a high ground clearance to walk on difficult terrain with super large wheels and a 4WD engine configuration.

The dimensions of off-road cars are high, though not too wide. With such characteristics, off-road cars are not suitable for city streets. Because offroad is a hobby, the price of each unit is quite expensive. In fact, the majority of off-road cars are modifications.

8. Pickup

For distributing goods from one place to another, a pickup can be used. This car is characterized by an open bed to store goods or products. Pickup cars are important for the country's economy even though the price tends to be more affordable than other cars.

Pickup cars are designed for entrepreneurs and business people. The functions are basically used as a freight transport, instead of transporting people like other cars.