What is Renewable Energy? Definition and Examples

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What is Renewable Energy? Definition and Examples
Humans’ life cannot be separated from the energy needs for daily life. It is inconceivable that if there is no energy in human life, then it will be difficult for them to maintain their life. Along with the times, energy sources and their use are increasingly developing.

Identify What is Renewable Energy

Actually, energy is used by humans for various lines of their life and has been provided by nature, so that it can be directly taken and utilized by humans. These energy sources use fossil energy including coal and oil.

Unfortunately, there are several types of renewable and non-renewable energy. In addition, there are several types of energy that require special effort to obtain. For non-renewable energy sources, humans should not use these energy sources massively because they can damage natural conditions.

The Purpose of Alternative Energy or Renewable Energy

The condition of our nature will increasingly be damaged when humans use natural energy continuously. If it starts to break down, energy sources will be increasingly difficult to obtain optimally because the climate and weather are also experiencing changes.

Seeing this condition, humans are starting to become aware of the use and use of excess energy, especially for non-renewable energy sources. For this reason, they begin to get used to using renewable energy sources to meet the needs of their daily activities.

In scientific terms, alternative energy is often referred to as renewable energy which has a special function to replace conventional fuels. The main purpose of the formation of alternative energy is to create new energy that replaces energy derived from fossils.

This fuel is formed from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. Of course, waiting for the formation of energy from fossils, humans had to wait millions of years ago, so that before energy sources run out, humans must develop other fuels, including alternative energy from renewable energy, including several companies.

For some people or companies, making this alternative energy is to resell and make a profit by trading the energy for profit. In this way, these companies also play a major role in preserving the environment.

However, before it can be used, some of these alternative energy sources require special efforts from humans. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this alternative energy source is obtained through renewable or renewable energy sources, in other words, this energy source is eternal because it can always be restored.

As it is called, the alternative or renewable energy is energy that does not come from petroleum. Examples of alternative energy sources are geothermal, solar rays, waves, water, biomass, natural gas, natural gas, nuclear, rivers, tides, and more.

As people use this renewable energy, environmental health can be maintained and the natural ecosystem of pyn is also maintained. Thus, other energy sources can be continuously used because they are renewed.

Benefits and Examples of Using Alternative Energy As an environmentally friendly technological innovation

The renewable energy comes from the movement of water, solar heat, and the movement of water can be converted into electrical energy and that energy source replaces fuel oil. In everyday terms, the source of solar energy that is converted into electrical energy is often referred to as PLTS or Solar Power Plants.

PLTS is widely used by hydropower or hydroelectric power plants. Meanwhile, other renewable energy sources that can be utilized are wind energy sources which are used to make Wind/Bayu Power Plants (PLTB).

Acknowledging this condition, of course the manufacture and use of alternative energy is seen as an innovative and very environmentally friendly action. Check out some more detailed explanations of how alternative energy can provide energy for human needs and make the earth will always be beautiful place as mentioned below.

1. Sunlight

Energy from the sun is arguably the largest and most important source of energy in human life. Even not only humans, other living things such as plants and animals also need energy from the sun to live life.

Unfortunately, solar energy that has already entered the earth must be returned again to avoid the process of global warming. For this reason, humans use the sun to be used as an alternative energy source for a better and healthier life on earth.

2. Water

Besides sunlight, another source of energy that is needed for the survival of living things is water. If there is a lack of water, humans and animals will become dehydrated and plant growth will be stunted. For this reason, humans use water as an alternative energy.

This can be used to replace energy from fossils and can be used on a large scale. That's why humans make many large dams to be converted into a source of electrical energy

3. Biomass

Biomass is a source of energy produced from plants and even animal waste. This energy source can be obtained directly or indirectly in large quantities to be converted into alternative energy. This biomass is also often referred to as phytomass or biological resources.

Examples of biomass energy sources are animal manure, wood chips, straw, kitchen waste, grass, sawdust, water hyacinth, and so on. The energy source is processed and used to generate electricity. In supporting the program to seek renewable energy sources, Hyundai has issued an electric car which is the solution for the future.