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7 Benefits of Cooking Oil and How to Utilize It

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.02
7 Benefits of Cooking Oil and How to Utilize It

From fried chicken for the main course to french fries for a snack, cooking oil has an important role in household kitchens, especially for industrial kitchens like restaurants.

But cooking oil can decrease in quality for frequent use, even becoming dangerous for some conditions. At that time, the cooking oil changes its concentration into used cooking oil.

The dilemma then arises. Cooking oil is clearly not good to use anymore, but it can be thrown away. Moreover, used cooking oil is not a material that is easily absorbed by the soil, so it will pollute the soil.

Why Should You Recycle Cooking Oil?

Used cooking oil is a type of energy that is not useful when it reaches the end of its cycle. The majority will be thrown away, instead of being reused for other purposes.

Though, there are reasons why it is not permissible to dispose a used cooking oil since causing damage to kitchen furniture, environment, and health.

1. Maintain Kitchen Facilities

If disposed of carelessly, used cooking oil can trigger problems. Due to its sticky nature, dirt is likely to stick before finally clogging the drain. In other words, recycling used cooking oil keeps kitchen facilities functioning as they should.

2. Protecting the Environment

Proper recycling ensures that used cooking oil will not pollute the environment, while also reducing the potential for damage to groundwater sources and minerals in the soil.

According to EPA, used cooking oil spills have the same harmful effects as oil spills in the ocean. Processing used oil is the best way to show your dedication in preventing environmental damage.

3. Reducing Health Risk

Disposing of used cooking oil can lead to health problems. Especially for restaurants, this step endangers consumers and the surrounding community. Used cooking oil creates toxic odors, and the clogged drains triggers bacteria and pathogens to thrive.

Benefits of Cooking Oil

After knowing that recycling is the best way to reuse used cooking oil, what to do and how to use it? Fortunately, there are some creative ways to reuse used cooking oil without harming the environment and health.

1. Lubricant for Household Appliance

Used cooking oil is effective as a lubricant for various household appliances, such as door hinges. If the lock is difficult to turn for opening or closing, used cooking oil can act as a lubricating medium.

In addition, used cooking oil is often used to prevent rust on iron surfaces, as well as other tools with the same material. Like engine oil, used cooking oil is able to reduce friction while minimizing the impact of heat due to friction.

2. Biofuels

As people are now more aware about being eco-friendly and the demand for alternative fuels is increasing, used cooking oil can be used as the raw material. This method contributes to reduce carbon emissions by up to 85%.

The step begins by collecting used cooking to a production facility where used cooking oil will be refined and processed become a fuel that is capable to run machines or other equipment that uses a combustion system.

3. Lamp Oil

If under certain conditions there is a total blackout, used cooking oil can be utilized to fuel traditional lamps. Only with the cotton and cooking oil, that's enough!

The process is simple, and there is a lot of money to be saved. It should be noted that lamp oil produces carbon emissions, so it is highly recommended to only use it in an emergency condition.

4. Pet Food

Used cooking oil can be used as part of a pet's diet. Cooking oil offers many calories and nutrients that animals need while improving the taste of food. As a result, the weight of the animal can increase drastically so the selling value becomes higher.

A number of livestock industries such as poultry have implemented this method, even not for the main food. Its use is mixed with the main meal.

5. Beautify Your Furniture

Over time, furniture will start to lose its shine and become dull. Cooking oil can improve this look, while preventing from cracking. Used cooking oil is able to restore the shine with just a few brushes.

What needs to be prepared is to mix cooking oil and vinegar with a 1:1 composition, then apply it to the surface of the scratched object.

6. Compost

Depending on the type, used cooking oil can be used as compost. However, vegetable oil will be much better for composting because it is made from organic materials.

Though, using too much oil actually slows down the decomposition process due to the sticky nature of the oil, as well as creating an unpleasant odor that attracts small animals.

7. Hair Moisturizer

This method has actually been practiced for a long time, and the results are true. Especially for vegetable oil, its benefits can moisturize dry hair.

Just take a few drops of vegetable oil and rub it into your hair and give a gentle massage. After a while, wash your hair with shampoo and then rinse to remove any remaining oil.

Besides moisturizing the hair, used cooking oil is able to soften the hair. The same trick can be applied to furry animals such as cats and dogs, and even birds.