9 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars from Hyundai

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.06.24
9 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars from Hyundai

Given the oil prices continue to rise, finding a fuel-efficient car is a must. Hyundai offers a variety of car lines with the best fuel efficiency levels. The more efficient the fuel consumption, the more efficient the car's operating budget.

Even in the era of electric cars, fuel efficiency remains important. This is because the price of electric cars is still high, and not everyone can afford it.

So, a regular and fuel-efficient car offers a better balance for buyers on a tight budget. Through various lines, Hyundai provides numerous fuel-efficient cars.

List of Hyundai Fuel-Efficient Cars

From sedans to SUVs, there are many models that can be tailored to your needs. Accent and Elantra are among the two best car lines, but the list of fuel-efficient cars from Hyundai has many more.

1. Hyundai Accent

The Accent is generally ranked as the third most fuel-efficient cars for non-electric category. With the new engine configuration, Accent is able to produce 120 hp at a relatively affordable price in the class.

The new engine that Hyundai has embedded in the Accent is capable of covering 33 mpg in the city area and 41 mpg on the highway. The interior is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen as a premium class car.

2. Hyundai Verna

Hyundai claimed that Verna is the best model for a sporty-style sedan line. Hyundai offers Verna in three different options with various transmission options. With a sporty design for the sedan class, Verna not only stands out in terms of appearance, but is also very fuel efficient.

The cabin is designed to provide extra comfort through several features such as Ventilated Seats, Wireless Charger, Bluelink Connectivity, and a Smart Trunk.

3. Hyundai Creta

In recent years, Creta has become a prima donna because of its stylish appearance. It has a spacious cabin, comfortable interior, and provides a better driving experience. Hyundai released the Creta with 19 different variants with three engine options, either manual or automatic transmission.

Creta's dimensions are perfect for an urban road. Besides being fuel-efficient, other advantages of the Creta are navigation features, climate control, touch screen monitors, and airbags for each seat.

4. Hyundai Venue

Coming in the form of an SUV, the Venue is another fuel-efficient car by Hyundai. Rich with new features, a trendy appearance, and fuel efficiency are a number of advantages of the Venue.

It has an ANVT screen for connecting the gadgets. Venue is available in three engine variations with a dual clutch transmission, a new type of transmission that uses an automatic clutch to shift the gears.

5. Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata has long been considered one of the most fuel-efficient cars from Hyundai, especially for the Sonata SE series. This model is capable of producing 191 hp with 38 mpg on highways and 28 mpg in urban areas.

The Sonata is equipped with the best features in its class, such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist to prevent accidents, Pedestrian Detection to read the movements of other road users, Driver Attention Warning to alert the driver, and Lane Follow Assist to keep the car on track.

So, apart from being superior in fuel efficiency, Sonata is also superior in terms of comfort and safety.

6. Hyundai Elantra

The Elantra offers better efficiency than the Accent, especially for the 2021 model. Besides the efficiency, the dimensions of the Elantra are larger than the Accent. Its dimensions make the Elantra suitable as a family car who wants a spacious cabin.

To accommodate the dimensions, Elantra is equipped with a larger engine to produce 147 hp. Thanks to the new engine configuration and CVT components, the Elantra has 33 mpg in urban areas and 43 mpg on the highway.

7. Hyundai Kona SEL

The Kona line is better known for its electric cars, but Hyundai offers a conventional version with fuel-based. Considered as one of the best fuel-efficient cars from Hyundai, the Kona SEL is capable of producing 147 hp for 35 mpg on highways and 30 mpg on urban areas.

Equipped with Driver Attention Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, and Lane Following Assist features, Kona SEL offers the best combination of safety and fuel efficiency. The front seats are even heated for added comfort.

8. Hyundai i20 N Line

Hyundai brings a different design for the i20 N line with a hatchback configuration. This model is available in two transmission options, manual and automatic. In general, the i20 N line is able to offer a better driving experience with a more fashionable exterior.

This car is suitable for anyone who wants to find a fuel-efficient car with a contemporary look that is able to accommodate five passengers. Its characteristics make the i20 N line ideal for urban areas.

9. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

As the third generation of the i10 line, this fuel-efficient car was released in 2019. Hyundai offers the Grand i10 Nios into 10 different variants, from gasoline or diesel and manual or automatic transmissions.

Besides being efficient in fuel consumption, the Grand i10 Nios is equipped with Keyless Entry and Engine Start/Stop features. So, if you want fuel-efficient cars with a premium look, the Grand i10 Nios could be the answer.