101 Guides Car Maintenance for Beginners

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.11
101 Guides Car Maintenance for Beginners
Owning a car is everyone's dream, and you have to know car care tips. In addition to private vehicles, cars are also used as a lifestyle that must be fulfilled. Therefore, if you have a car, it must be maintained and cared for as well as possible because not everyone can have it.

The important thing for car users that needs to be done is to take care of it properly and correctly, from the outside of the car as well as inside. With good and proper care, your car will look shiny from the outside and the car's engine will also last. Then, how to care for a car in the best way? Lets see the explanation below.

Car Care Tips for Non-Professionals

1. Avoid washing the car with detergent

Some people wash their cars with detergents that are not meant for cars. Using detergent to wash the car can damage the car body because it contains coarse grains that can scratch the car body.

In addition, detergents also contain chemicals that are not beneficial for cars. You should wash your car with a special car wash shampoo to make it safer and can make your car clean and maintain the color of your car body paint.

2. Choosing the right fuel

You have to understand that every car has different engine specifications so you have to use the right fuel. The best fuel will give the best performa to your engine car. The wrong fuel, dirty, and not filled in official places will make the car engine not maintained and cause damage.

3. Change your car oil regularly

In addition to fuel, car oil/lubricant must also be maintained and replaced regularly. It’s normal to change your car oil every 3000-5000 km. Or, you just follow the schedule to change oil given by the car service.  Most engine cars today, have recommended to change car oil approximately at 5,000 km to 7,500 km car mileage and is carried out in an official and professional place.

4. Air radiator

One of the other car maintenance is replacing the radiator water because the radiator water can support the performance of the car. You must regularly replace the radiator water properly and use clean and dirty-free radiator water. You can also restock the radiator water in the garage by buying it at an official place and according to your car.

5. Pay attention to the car transmission

You have to pay attention to car care tips to which car is the right transmission so that you can be proficient at driving the car and not damage it indirectly.

Machine and Body Maintenance

1. Routine maintenance

Car care tips consider you are using your car with regular service and also have to be diligent in keeping your vehicle durable. You may have a car that is driven specifically for certain circumstances, such as to a wedding with the family, off-road, and so on.

Please note, when you have a car that is rarely used, you need to take care of it the same as you take care of a car that is used daily because it is used or not, the car components and their components will lose their function even though the car is rarely used.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the condition of the car everyday. Then how do you keep your car that is used only for certain conditions? There are 6 tips on how to care for a car that is rarely used.

2. Clean Car

The main thing you can do to treat a car that is rarely used is to clean the car both inside and out. The point is, to keep the car from insects and rats that may damage car spare parts because of the dirt that attracts their attention. Dust is also able to make the car rusty, so that the engine components of the car can be damaged due to the car being rarely cleaned.

3. Start / Heat the Car

Heating or starting a car that is rarely used on a regular basis has many good benefits. When the car is started and you leave the car running for some time, circulation occurs in the car engine thereby keeping the fluids from clotting in the engine. In addition, this also aims to make the alternator work optimally in charging the battery so that the electrical components are not overdrawn.

4. Unplug the Battery to Avoid Corrosion

Car care tips suggested to remove the battery on a car is rarely used in addition to keeping the electrical components normal and also avoids corrosion of the battery. In order to keep it maintained, it is best if the connection is removed first and reconnected when you will use the car.

5. Keep Car Service on Schedule

Obeying the obligation to service a car that is rarely used is certainly one of the important ways to keep the car in excellent performance. When performing routine service on cars that are not used frequently, it is best to ask the repair shop to check the pressure on the tires and underside of the car for damage caused by infrequent use.

6. Check Machine Parts

When the car has not been used for a long time, before driving, you should check your car's engine, starting from the condition of the oil, radiator water, engine room, and battery condition. These are important components that need to be checked regularly and regularly.

7. Add a Carbon Eliminator to the Gasoline Tank

Carbon Eliminator serves to reduce the carbon content contained in the gas tank. Carbon that burns naturally in the gas tank can interfere with the performance of the car later because it can affect other car components.

In addition to using the Carbon Eliminator, you can also use the original product for the lubricant company to diffuse the burning carbon in the gas tank. The carbon content should be low index, so if you want to maintain the tank, it also helps protect the environment from car fuel emissions.

The Ignition Boost formula found in the original oil also makes the engine more responsive and the car's performance perfect.