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Explanation of Car Coating and Its Benefits for Paint Coating

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.21
Explanation of Car Coating and Its Benefits for Paint Coating

Who doesn't want their car to look shiny and always look new? Surely all car owners agree that car paint care must be considered in detail. There are two options for coating car paint, namely car wax and car coating.

Although, vehicle coating is relatively more expensive, but it is highly recommended. Because, the results of the car coating gloss are much more optimal and last for years. Meanwhile, car wax usually only lasts 3-4 months.

But, many people still doubt, is it necessary to use a car coating? And, are the benefits of vehicle coating really worth the price paid? In order to decide, let's first read the following review!

What is Car Coating?

Before deciding whether a vehicle coating is feasible or not, you need to understand what a coating is. Basically, car coating is a certain layer that is transparent in color to protect car paint. This coating is designed to be stronger and more protective, than the soft car wax coating.

Generally, car coatings use nanotechnology. This means, the coating layer is made of small nano-sized particles made of solid materials such as quartz stone, glass, and ceramics.

That is why, when applied to a car coating, it will protect the car paint from various stains, chemicals, scratches, and the effects of oxidation for years.

In addition, the coating is also able to block exposure to UV rays from the sun. Thus, being able to maintain the color of the car paint remains as durable as new, even though it is often parked in the hot sun. In fact, vehicle coatings can last more than 10 years if done by professionals. So, it can be more economical to repaint the car, right!

Car Coating Benefits

Thanks to the nano coating, the coating is able to protect the surface of the car from various stains, scratches, dirt, and chemicals. In addition, the clear coating does not affect the original color or paint on the car's surface.

Now, let's see what are the benefits of providing nano coating or car coating protection below!

1. Cars Always Look New

Without realizing it, the color of your favorite car will fade over time. But, with a coating, the color of the car will still be protected even though it is often dried in the sun or exposed to the sun.

When coated with a coating, the paint underneath will be protected. In addition, the car coating layer gives a shiny effect so that the car always looks new.

2. No Repaint or Car Wax Needed

The finish of the coating that looks shiny makes the car always in prime condition and shiny. Simply flush with running water, stains and dirt are easy to clean.

You can save more on vehicle repainting costs and don't bother with car waxing every 3 months. The saved funds can be allocated for other costs.

3. Durable Protection

Arguably, the best benefit of vehicle coating is that it lasts longer than car wax. If the car wax only lasts 3-4 months, the coating can protect the luster of the car paint for years.

After being properly applied by experienced experts, car coatings can last more than 7 years. Make sure the surface of the car is free of scuffs, scratches, or stubborn dirt so that the coating results are maximized.

Obviously, with this extra protection, the coating will maintain the car's paint for a long time. Not only that, the coating layer will help protect the car from other physical hazards when driving. Cars are more scratch resistant because of the nanotechnology coating.

4. Anti Stain And Dust

Dust, mud, or bird droppings can seriously irritate paint or car surfaces. However, fortunately the coating layer is able to protect the color and is anti-stain. In addition to looking like new, the car will also look clean.

This is because dirt such as dust, mud or other particles do not easily stick to the very smooth car coating. Washing the car is also easier, because you just have to wash it with running water.

So, if you live in an area with high levels of contaminants or frequently travel in areas that are muddy, dusty, or gravel in nature, a layer of coating helps keep your vehicle clean.

Of course, you still need to wash your car regularly, but coatings help keep your car from getting dirty quickly. In addition, the coating layer can prevent water stains or water spots. Coating also prevents the growth of mold and rust on the exterior of the car which sometimes damages the surface or paint of the car.

5. Extra Layer of Protection

Another benefit of car coating is that it provides an extra layer of protection to the vehicle that could cause damage.

For example, sun exposure can damage paint or car body over time, especially if parked outside. Vehicle coatings help protect the vehicle and prevent UV rays so that the car paint does not fade quickly.

The coating layer also protects the car from rust or other chemical damage when used on the go.

6. Save Money

Last but not least, car coatings are more cost-effective for car maintenance, than car wax or other car paint protection options. Try to consider how much money you can save because you don't need to paint, car wax, and even wash your own car at home.

Once applied the coating can last more than 7 years. However, car wax only lasts about 3-4 months. More money and time can be saved by using a coating layer.

At first glance, car coatings may look expensive. However, in the long run it will save you a lot of money. Again, a coating layer can help protect the car from costly damage such as scratches, rust, or mildew. Instead of spending money on repairs, it's better to prevent the damage before it appears with a vehicle coating.

Car coating is one of the brilliant options to maintain and protect the condition of the car so that it always looks good. Whether it's used alone or when it will be resold, the appearance of the car will look new. Of course, this will provide satisfaction and comfort for the rider.

How about you, are you interested in trying car coatings? Lets, contact the nearest car repair shop in your city for more info!