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9 Easiest Vines to Grow at Home Without Any Hassle

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.12
9 Easiest Vines to Grow at Home Without Any Hassle

The vines are able to liven up the home atmosphere while giving a unique touch to the design of the house. In addition, the vines offer a distinctive aroma that can add immersive nuance.

While all types of vines can be grown at home, some require more care. So, choosing plants that are easy to grow, tolerant of hot and dry temperatures, and low maintenance are the main keys.

Whether you want to grow plants outdoors or place them in pots at the living room, there are many options to choose from according to the house concept.

The Easiest Vines to Grow

Important considerations when choosing vines include space availability, and whether the plant is intended for the short term or the long term. Once you have a clear plan, here are the vines to choose.

1. Clematis (Clematis Terniflora)

This type of vine is very popular because it can grow quickly, it is also easier to manage during its growth. Clematis is available in different variants so it can be adapted to the decor and home concept.

To plant clematis, place it in an open area for optimum blooms and provide planting media to keep the roots cool and moist. Although clematis is a type of plant that is easy to control, sweet autumn clematis grows super fast because it is able to fertilize itself.

2. Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea Glabra)

Popularly known as bougainvillea, this plant can be used as a substitute for roses because of its similarity. Their characteristics are almost the same, full of sharp thorns on each branch.

The bougainvillea has different variants that can be adapted to the house concept. This type grows optimally if it is placed in a warm area so the flowers are able to bloom optimally.

3. Trumpet Vine (Campsis Radicans)

Trumpet vine is a fast-growing vine that produces bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers in summer. The bright red color combined with yellow and orange can complement the lush green landscape. Capable of growing to a height of 6 m, the trumpet vine is able to quickly cover empty spaces.

4. Butterfly Vine (Mascagnia Macroptera)

It is a beautiful type of plant to decorate a house, butterfly vine is able to attract butterflies to come. But its name is not given because of its ability to attract butterflies, rather because of its shape that resembles a butterfly's wings.

Butterfly vine is a type of plant that will continue to grow if planted in warm areas. Although flowers will bloom better when they get a direct sun, but planting it in a closed area provides the same effect.

5. Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

Not all honeysuckle variants are dangerous. Coral and goldflame honeysuckle are among the most widely grown variants for home decoration through vertical gardens and hanging gardens.

Beside its unique flower shape, honeysuckle spreads a fresh aroma in the summer which gives the relaxation vibe. This plant should be planted in an area with direct sunlight. The advantage of honeysuckle is its ability to grow in any medium, even in poor quality soil.

6. Sweat Peas (Lathyrus Odoratus)

This vine is able to produce beautiful pink flowers with a strong aroma. Besides red, sweat peas have other variants from blue and white to pink. Besides its fast-growing ability, flowers are usually picked for decoration. For the best results, plant in an area that gets enough sunlight.

7. Scarlet Runner Beans (Phaseolus Coccineus)

Grow these herbs, use trellises to enhance their appearance, and have a healthy snack!

Scarlet runner beans are a type of vine that is capable of producing peanut shells or peas, while offering uniqueness as ornaments. This type is the right choice for an ornamental plant in a minimalist home.

Plus, scarlet runner beans are not invasive plants and only grow seasonally. The peak of its development is marked by red flowers in full bloom and the appearance of beans.

8. Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides)

Star jasmine is a woody vine that can grow well in just a simple pot, making it a great choice for gardens with limited areas. This plant has a characteristic white flower with a fragrant aroma that stands out among the green leaves.

Compared to other vines, star jasmine is better to give a shady feel to certain areas because it is quite dense for the size of the vines.

9. Climbing Roses (Rosa Setigera)

Not all roses have to be planted in pots with the best growing media, some types can even be planted in vines. Climbing roses is one of the best types of vines.

Roses are classic ornamental flowers that are timeless, and are still a favorite of many gardeners. One of them is because of the variety of colors offered and its ease of care compared to other vines.

However, climbing roses do not stick to the surface of the structure like other vines. That's why climbing roses need a strong structure to support the branches.