The Details of Electric Car Tax Information in Indonesia

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.16
The Details of Electric Car Tax Information in Indonesia

Are you curious on how much the electric car tax is in Indonesia today? For those of you who want to buy an environmentally friendly powered car, of course, an electric car must be included in your dream list.

Currently, the various electric car brands are exposing themselves to the public with their advanced features and cool designs. Although the price of an electric car is arguably a little more expensive compared to the conventional one, the electric car tax in Indonesia is actually still quite affordable, you know! 

Let's continue to look at the details of the Indonesian electric car tax in the following review!

The trends in the use of electric cars in Indonesia

Do you agree that electric cars are the forerunner of future cars? It’s actually possible that fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel oil are classified as energy sources that could possibly run out and be destroyed.

When alternative energy sources are not sought, the future of transportation will be threatened that it cannot be fulfilled. Apart from these problems, electric cars emerged as an ideal solution to replace the conventional vehicles that use fossil fuel.

In addition, to use the non-renewable or consumable fuels, conventional cars also contribute to carbon emissions that pollute the atmosphere. Just imagine, how many vehicles pass every day in front of us, for years.

The exhaust smoke that produces carbon dioxide, over time can accumulate in the atmosphere. This is what triggers global warming or extreme climate change on planet earth.

How much does an electric car tax cost?

Although electric cars are considered more expensive than conventional cars. However, if we look closer at the tax data, the electric cars are actually not much different. The Indonesian government encourages people to switch to electric cars due to various factors.

One of the reasons is to reduce global warming due to vehicle exhaust emissions. Therefore, the government provides incentives or tax relief for electric cars which are calculated according to the level of exhaust emissions.

In this case, cars or vehicles that fall into the category of plug-in hybrid cars, hybrid cars, and electric cars will get a large electric car tax discount.

Why? Because, electric cars are environmentally friendly vehicles and able to emit low levels of carbon emissions. Plus, it's fuel efficient, even without using fossil fuels at all.

As published in the 2021 Government Regulation Number 74, the regulation regarding the electric car tax will be subject to 15%. This is in line with the electric car tax regulations which include PPnBM or Sales Tax on Luxury Goods. Not only that, the electric car tax is discounted. However, the Basic Tax Imposition rate is also free, aka 0%.

Based on these rules, the tax on electric cars indeed can be much cheaper than conventional cars. In fact, the tax on electric cars whose selling value is equivalent to Rp. 1 billion, the tax is only Rp. 2-3 million.

The formula to calculate the electric car tax is quite easy. As an illustration, if the NJKB of a car is Rp. 1 billion. So, the electric car tax = NJKB x 10%, or in the range of Rp. 2 million.

Hyundai KONA. electric car prices and taxes

Not to be outdone by other electric car manufacturers, Hyundai presents the KONA and IONIQ electric cars. The price is much more affordable, compared to other electric cars. It is only in the range from Rp 700 million.

Regarding the electric car tax, the Hyundai KONA and IONIQ are relatively affordable because they only cost around Rp. 3 million per year. In addition, Hyundai's electric car can cover a distance of up to 345 km when the battery is fully charged.

How to pay electric car tax online?

Just like paying for a car in general, you need to come to the main Samsat in your city. Especially, if you want to pay a 5-year electric car tax or replace your vehicle registration and license plate, because you have to physically check the vehicle.

Meanwhile, if you want to pay the annual electric car tax (1 year), then you can use the online electric car tax payment method through the SIGNAL application (National Online Samsat Application) or e-Samsat.

Just follow the instructions given by the SIGNAL application so that electric car tax payments can be more practical, without the need to queue or wait long. Starting by opening your account registration, uploading photo ID cards, face verification, and entering vehicle number data, and so on.

Furthermore, electric car tax payments can also be made via a government bank ATM transfer. Such as Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Bank BTN, and others. After making the payment, you are given 30 days to validate or validate the STNK in Samsat office.

How to pay electric car tax offline?

As explained above, you can pay electric car taxes online via the SIGNAL application or come directly to the Samsat office in your city.

If you choose the offline method or come in person, follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that you bring the completed documents including: copy of STNK and original, copy of BPKB, copy of owner's ID card and original, copy of validation of vehicle physical check (if needed), copy of vehicle sale and purchase receipt on stamp duty
  • Next, hand it over to the counter officer at Samsat. When the file has been received, sign in the guest book.
  • Then, process the payment in the payment section or cashier.
  • The electric car tax payment process is complete.

Now, online payment methods are very helpful for people who want to pay off vehicle tax levies, without queuing or to wait. In addition, paying taxes on electric cars is also cheaper than conventional gasoline or diesel cars. So, you can save more and earn more, right!