Environmentally Friendly Technology Principles

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.10
Environmentally Friendly Technology Principles

News about global warming certainly triggers people to continue to create environmentally friendly technologies. Not only once or twice, the climate change issue is frequently echoed. Now, this issue has become a major topic that many people are slowly starting to be aware of.

Environmentally friendly technology is a concept created that aims to facilitate human life without having a negative impact or damaging their surrounding environment.

Environmentally friendly technology is currently being developed, it is expected that it will be able to maintain the balance of nature.

Despite the fact that it must be admitted that to get this kind of technology requires a fairly expensive cost compared to buying conventional technology equipment. This is a challenge for developers to create environmentally friendly technologies but at an affordable price for the market.

In Indonesia, there are many environmentally friendly technologies that have been implemented. Starting from the biogas usage, wind power plants to solar panels for lighting needs on the highway. Here is some information related to environmentally friendly technologies that can be used as a learning reference:

Definition of environmentally friendly technology

Environmentally friendly technologies could have a significant impact on global climate change. Several innovations that support it were developed according to the markets’ needs. Environmentally friendly technology is a method whose application is based on insight to achieve certain goals without having to lay aside the environmental sustainability principles.

Compared to conventional technology, this environmentally friendly technology prioritizes environmental safety which generally requires a higher cost. Hence, its implementation is quite slow to develop because it is not driven by a strong will and a large source of capital.

The principle of environmentally friendly technology

There are 6 principles of environmentally friendly technology such as the principles of Refine, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery and Retrieve Energy that can be applied by everyone. The following explains those 6 principles.

1. Refine

The refine principle is using environmentally friendly materials and then through a safer and more precise process compared to the previous one.

2. Reduce

The reduce principle means reducing the amount of waste by optimizing the use of materials.

3. Reuse

The reuse principle means reusing materials that are not used anymore or the waste which is processed in a different way.

4. Recycle

The recycling principle has almost the same technique as reuse. However, the recycling principle reuses materials or waste which is then processed in the same way.

5. Recovery

This recovery principle means utilizing certain materials from waste to be processed for other purposes.

6. Retrieve energy

The principle of retrieving energy means saving energy in a production process.

Benefits of environmentally friendly technology

1. Does not have a negative impact for the environment

By using environmentally friendly technology, we could reduce environmental pollution that is increasingly troubling today. Which means, natural resources and existing waste can be put to good use. For example, biogas that comes from waste is converted into gas.

2. Utilization of natural resources

Indonesia has abundant natural resources. It would be disgraceful if people don’t use them properly. Therefore, by applying environmentally friendly technology, we could also utilize existing natural resources wisely.

3. Reduce environmental pollution

As modern technologies are currently developing, sometimes humans are not aware that the actions they do could harm mother nature. The materials used often cause environmental pollution. With this environmentally friendly technology, it will reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

Examples of environmentally friendly technology

1. Biogas

Biogas is heavily known as a processed fuel made from animal waste. This idea is increasingly being applied as an alternative fuel for daily needs. Compared to LPG, the cost required for biogas production is relatively more affordable. This is very useful, especially for rural communities that are hard to reach Pertamina's gas depots around their area.

2. Solar panels

An environmentally friendly technology that is popular among the public is solar panels. This solar panel innovation provides many economic and environmental benefits for the people who use it. Solar panels are often referred to as photovoltaic which means electric light.

Solar panel cells will work well based on the photovoltaic effect that absorbs sunlight to be used as energy. It then flowed into a current flowing between 2 layers of opposite charges.

3. Windmill

This windmill innovation is intended to produce clean electricity without creating bad air pollution or better known as blue energy. The environmentally friendly technology has been widely used in Indonesia. It is evident from the number of PLTBs that have been built, for example the PLTP Sidrap, South Sulawesi, which has 25 giant windmills in total.

4. Electric car

The development of electric cars keeps increasing every year. This happens because of public awareness of how dangerous the air pollution is for their environment and health. Although the number of electric cars aren’t high yet, electric motorcycles and cars like Hyundai are predicted to be a popular technology in the future.

Those are some explanations about environmentally friendly technology that have 6 principles; Refine, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery and Retrieve Energy. If you are interested in using environmentally friendly technology, you can use a Hyundai electric car!

Electric cars use batteries whose energy source can be recharged. So, it can be more efficient for cars’ fuel consumption. What’s more interesting, you don't need to use gasoline or diesel fuel. Hyundai presents environmentally friendly technology that makes us calm in carrying out activities, without worrying about polluting the environment.