Planning To Get a Car Driving Course? Prepare Your Budget and Follow These 7 Tips!

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.29
Planning To Get a Car Driving Course? Prepare Your Budget and Follow These 7 Tips!

Car driving courses are the best option if you want to learn to drive a car assisted by experts. But, how much does a car steering course cost and what are the tricks to get it fast?

Being able to drive a car is a life skill that not all individuals can do. In order to do it safely and responsibly, taking a driving course provides more benefits. You must learn how to control the car, understand all the functions, and know the traffic rules.

Car Steering Course Fee

For starters, the cost of the driving course will depend on the type of vehicle. The cost of an automatic car course is generally cheaper. Though, the costs for the course differ from one place to another.

Course fees may increase if you sign with different packages, the study hours, and number of meetings. Depending on the course, the number of meetings usually varies between 6-12 times.

Of all these variables, the cost of an automatic car driving course generally ranges from IDR 500-1,3 million. On the other hand, the cost of a manual car course ranges from IDR 900-1,6 million.

However, don't be tempted by any courses with low prices because it could be a scam. They may offer a discount, but it looks more unprofessional because they spam through various brochures.

Higher-priced courses may offer benefits, such as a driver's license add-on. Making a driver's license at a driving course is easier and cheaper because all the legal matters are handled.

So, if you want to learn to drive and plan to get a driver's license, don't hesitate to choose a car driving course that offers a complete package.

Car Driving Course Tips

Even if you sign for a professional course, instructors sometimes can't teach all the basics because of time, for example. Here are important tips that are often overlooked when taking a car driving course.

1. Prepare the Fees

It doesn't matter which course you sign up for, the main preparation is related to the fees. The cost depends on a number of aspects such as the type of car, the locations, the number of meetings, the duration of hours, and the add-on.

As a general rule, popular courses are usually more expensive. Whatever it is, you should choose a car driving course that is close to where you live.

2. Get to Know the Car

The first important step before learning to drive is to become familiar and get comfortable with the cabin. Understand all the basic functions before starting the engine. Step on all the pedals, shift gears, hold the steering wheel and turn it, and understand all the buttons on the dashboard.

The basic knowledge of driving must be understood because not all instructors are able to explain in detail. Before going to a stop, never lower the gears at high speed, and it would be better to let the car stop before shifting into the reverse gear.

3. Adjust the Sitting Position

What beginners have to do when learning to drive a car is to adjust the seat position. Even experienced drivers will feel uncomfortable if the seat is not suitable, which may trigger an accident.

Be sure to sit in a position according to the contours of the chair to prevent back injuries. Seats should be arranged in such a way that the driver can see around easily and comfortably.

4. Adjust the Seat Position

In general, the seat should be positioned so the knees don't stretch out because it will be difficult to step on the pedals. Also, do not get too close because it can interfere the hands to control the wheel.

Try pressing the brake pedal fully with your right foot to get used to it, as well as for the clutch pedal with your left foot. When pressing the pedal, try to make your feet at a 120-degree angle.

5. Wheel Position

There was no correct way of holding the wheel, only a comfortable way, and it depends on your driving style. The position of the wheel will depend on how comfortable the driver feels when holding it. However, the hand positions at 10 o'clock and 02 o'clock are a good start for beginners.

6. Signal Lights

There are many types of lights with different functions such as headlights, dimmers, turn signals, and others. Drivers must understand this and be able to use these lights when driving.

When driving down the road, there are other vehicles, so it is important to let other drivers know where your car is, especially when you are about to turn or overtake. Always remember, use the signal light before turning, not when turning, so other drivers have time to react.

7. Avoid Distraction

Once you are driving, buckle up and remember all traffic rules. Do not get distracted even when the road is jammed and position your eyes to focus. Two main rules in driving: never use gadgets and avoid eating or drinking.