Green Office: The Most Eco-Friendly Office

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.17
Green Office: The Most Eco-Friendly Office

The majority of today’s offices require workers to be in a confined space for long periods of time. No wonder workers tend to get bored and tired quickly which reduces their performance.

Various ideas were raised, one of which was by applying to the green office. This is an office concept that combines modern design with nature.

There are many benefits from a green office. Besides being more eco-friendly, the green office was able to increase the productivity of the workers. Who knows, green building is something that workers need to get rid of fatigue and stress.

What is a Green Office?

The concept of a green office does not refer to a green color, or using accessories of the same color. This is an approach that focuses on protecting the environment.

Green office basically refers to an office design that aims to create a sustainable environment by using renewable energy. The structure of the workspace must be made as friendly as possible to the environment to avoid emissions.

Even 66% of companies allow remote work, the office remains the main place to work. As a workspace, where workers spend 8 hours or more, office design is the main key to business and the environment.

The basic principle of a green office is to create a positive impact on the environment from the workplace while improving business performance. This can be done by reducing the energy usage and facilitating workers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

As an illustration, 40% of the greenhouse effect and 20% of waste in developing countries is generated by buildings, including offices. Simply put, green building contributes to reducing gas emissions.

Green offices are more needed now which allows more natural light to be absorbed, so clean air is always available. Besides the environmental aspect, the productivity is also benefited from green offices.

Advantages of Green Office

The green office concept is not only good for the environment, but also for workers. There are many positive impacts of a green office like improving performance, more eco-friendly, and having quality air.

1. Improving Performance

A green office can increase productivity by up to 15% because employees who are in a psychologically pampered by workspace will perform better.

Exposure to natural light and open space benefits workers greatly: the more open, the better. The environment has an important role in improving the cognitive function of workers.

2. Eco-Friendly

Green office does not only focus on the design, but also the workers. Offices are equipped with an eco-friendly waste management system so carbon emissions from business activities can be reduced.

Zero waste is an important principle in a green office which ensures the office implements waste management to prevent waste generation.

3. Quality Air

The main goal of green building is to create a healthy workspace by reducing pollution. One trick is to use natural air purifiers. Plants are able to filter dust particles up to 20% and keep the humidity up to 60%.

Adding natural ornaments into the room will improve physical and psychological health. Research shows that patients in hospitals who are exposed to natural views from windows have fewer hospital stays. The ecological aspect can minimize stress, improve mood, and overcome mental fatigue.

How to Implement Green Office

Although green office design allows businesses to connect with nature, the implementation plays an important role. But how to apply the green office concept?

1. Emission

Reducing emissions is a big challenge for offices, especially for large-scale businesses. Apart from activities in the office, emissions are also generated from the transfer process.

Instead of taking a plane, switch to a train if possible. Instead of using a vehicle, it is better if you use a bicycle or walk. Besides being more efficient, walking or riding a bicycle is also healthier.

2. Energy

Multiply the number of the window or enlarge the window opening. Use automatic lights and LED lights to save energy. Lighting consumes 30% of the company's electricity. So, make sure all electronic devices are turned off when leaving the office.

3. Paper

The amount of carbon emissions produced from paper is smaller than electricity. But because the use of paper in the office is massive, its effect cannot be ignored.

Since the green office concept focuses on protecting the environment, using too much paper means taking too much wood, and this harms the ecosystem.

In the green office, all reports are made in digital form to reduce paper usage. If you have to use paper, choose paper produced from commercial forests.

4. Trash

The majority of offices currently have implemented waste management, even in an incorrect manner. Unfortunately, this practice produces a greenhouse effect and should be stopped immediately.

Green offices produce minimal amounts of waste because recycling is a must. This step has created a healthy environment because carbon production can be suppressed.

5. Water

Today's water needs almost exceed the remaining water reserves, especially in some cities with large populations. That is why, it is important to reduce the use of water.

There is no easy way to reduce the use of water because water is a basic need. But by controlling the water through the green office, water reserves will not be depleted.