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The 7 Characteristics of a Healthy Environment and How to Make it Happen

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.24
The 7 Characteristics of a Healthy Environment and How to Make it Happen
A healthy and clean environment is everyone's dream. Not only does it look beautiful, beautiful, and comfortable, but a healthy environment can provide entertainment or pleasure for the local residents.

On the other hand, if the environment is dirty, it will have a bad impact, namely various diseases and dangerous viruses will appear. Basically, a healthy and clean environment can be done by everyone. Most importantly, there needs to be commitment and cooperation from all parties.

Well, in this discussion, we will find out what are the characteristics of a healthy environment, and how to make it happen? Let's see, come on!

1. Clean and fresh air

The air quality in urban and rural areas is certainly different. Generally, the air in the countryside still feels fresh, clean, and when inhaled makes the lungs relieved. Meanwhile, the air in urban areas tends to decrease in quality due to exposure to vehicle fumes. One of the characteristics of a healthy environment is clean and fresh air quality.

We can know the quality of the air when we breathe it. If the air is contaminated with polluting smoke, it usually turns black or gray in color. In addition, there will be an odor that is not healthy for breathing

How to create clean air is to start planting trees or plants around the neighborhood. So, this plant will be able to produce oxygen naturally. Plants are also able to absorb carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, to clean the air from bacteria or viruses at home, you can put an air purifier in the room.

2. Easy to find trash can

Furthermore, the characteristics of a healthy environment are the availability of trash cans in every corner. That way, residents or the general public who want to dispose of garbage will find it easier. Whether it's in parks, public facilities, shops, or in front of the house, a healthy environment provides a place for garbage disposal.

This is quite important. Because, the availability of trash cans can prevent people from littering. In addition, residents or visitors who come will be more responsible in disposing of waste.

3. Clean water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless

Clean water is very important for our daily needs. If the available water is of good quality and clean, various activities can be carried out. In addition, residents also don't have to worry about getting dangerous diseases due to contamination with germs and bacteria in water sources.

To be able to get clean water, then avoid throwing garbage in water sources. Even better, if you install a water filter. In order to know the quality of clean water, you can see it from the characteristics of a healthy environment, one of which is that the water source is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

4. Garbage grouping

In Indonesia, it can be said that waste grouping facilities are still rare. In fact, abroad, such as Japan or Western countries, it is common practice. It should be noted that this waste grouping is very important because it can help create a clean and healthy environment.

We have to get used to classifying waste according to its type. For example, which waste can be decomposed, and which is not, which is organic waste and inorganic waste.

5. Waste processing facilities

The fifth characteristic of a healthy environment is that there are waste management facilities. This is because waste cannot be allowed to just pile up, especially plastic waste which is very difficult to decompose by soil. If allowed to accumulate garbage will cause odor and various diseases.

Therefore, so that waste does not accumulate or eventually ends up in the sea, it is better if there must be a waste processing facility in every environment. In various cities throughout Indonesia, waste processing facilities have begun to appear, which are supported by the government and RT/RW residents.

6. Toilet facilities are available

The existence of good toilet facilities is the next characteristic of a healthy environment. Dirt or waste released by humans, can pollute the environment if not managed properly. In fact, even in some urban areas, there are still people's houses that do not have toilets.

To make a good latrine, of course, requires a high cost. Therefore, cooperation with the local government is needed.

7. Smooth water channel

Clean water channels and sewers must be smooth to realize the characteristics of a healthy environment. As we know, humans really need water to carry out various activities.

However, clogged drains will cause stagnant water. Thus, it triggers the breeding of mosquito larvae and has the potential to cause dengue fever/DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever).