4 Ways to Repair a Dent Car Body Easily and Cheaply

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.22
4 Ways to Repair a Dent Car Body Easily and Cheaply

Unexpected incidents such as hitting a trash can or grazing a power pole, sometimes make the car body dented or scratched. Then, how to repair a dented car body? Especially, on the rear or front side of the vehicle?

To repair, indeed we can immediately take it to the nearest car repair shop. However, it turns out that there is a way to repair a dented car body that is easier and saves money.

Curious how to fix a cheap dented car body? Follow the steps below!

How To Repair a Dented Car Body

Bumpers and car bodies are vehicle components that are prone to dents due to grazing or colliding. Follow some of the tips below for how to repair a dented car body:

1. Fix with Hot Water and Push from Inside

The first way you can try is to use hot water to flex the dented car body. Here are the steps on how to repair a dented car body with hot water:

  • Prepare hot water whose function is to heat the car body.
  • Use a kettle or water jug as a container for the hot water. Then pour little by little on the dented car body.
  • Use the cloth used to apply pressure to the dented part of the car until it returns to its original shape. Push the dented car body after it warms up from the inside out.
  • If it has returned to its normal shape, flush with cold water to harden the car body again.
  • Pay attention not to put too much pressure on the dented part of the car body because it can change the shape of the car or can cause the body to break.
  • Repeat the above method several times to get maximum results.

The method above has been tried by many. Keep in mind, this method only applies to bumpers that are made of plastic or carbon fiber. Because, if you douse it with hot water, it will be easier to pull the dented part of the car to its previous position.

2. Fix with Carbon dioxide Liquid and Hair Dryer

The second way to repair a dented car body is with carbon dioxide liquid by using a hair dryer or hair dryer. If the required equipment is already available, follow the repair steps below:

  • Prepare liquid carbon dioxide and hair dryer.
  • Turn on the hairdryer and direct the hot air at the dented car body.
  • Do this until it feels hot. The level of heat is different depending on the condition of the car body which is classified as severe or not. If the dent is large, it usually takes about 3-5 minutes.
  • Then, spray the liquid carbon dioxide on the heated part with the hair dryer earlier.
  • Press the dented part to return to all positions.

By taking advantage of changes in temperature from hot to cold, you can repair your dented car body. The curved part of the car will be attracted, because there is a surge of thrust that appears. This is due to a drastic change in temperature in a short time.

3. Fix it with Ice Cubes

If you are not satisfied with the method above, you can try following how to repair a dented car body with ice cubes below:

  • Prepare an ice cube and stick it on the dented part of the car body. Leave it for 2 minutes.
  • Wait for the snowflakes to come out and repair the dented parts of the car body.
  • Remove the ice cubes and heat it with a hair dryer until the dented part of the car body is gone.

This method you can use if the damage to the car body or dents is not too severe.

4. Fix it with Pops A Dent

Some people may doubt or worry about how to repair a dented car body using heat. Because, they don’t want to take a risk to make the paint peel or rust appear.

Instead, you can use a special product, called Pops A Dent. This tool is shaped like a handle whose function is to distribute pressure evenly throughout the "bridge" so as to avoid the risk of additional damage to the car body.

The advantages of Pops A Dent include:

  • It's easy, just twist and paste.
  • Can be used for all types of dents in vehicles.
  • Does not damage the paint on the car.
  • Save costs compared to having to go to the workshop.
  • The car body can return to its original position.

Steps to Use Pops A Dent Tool

  • Choose a glue pad that matches the size of the dent in your car.
  • Heat the glue stick for about 5 minutes and don't need to overdo it.
  • Allow the glue to dry for about 3-5 minutes and make sure that the glue is completely sticky. Do not put glue on the car for more than 8 minutes. If the results are not as desired, repeat the above process again.

Please note that the results of using Pops A Dent will depend on how big the dent is and where it is located. Repeat turning clockwise if your car has a bigger dent.

Unfortunately, this tool can only be used for cars that still have the original car body paint from the factory. If it is used for a vehicle that has peeled off, it is feared that other parts of the paint will peel off.

Well, those were some ways to repair a dented car body that you can do yourself at home, without the need to go to a repair shop at a lower cost. If the damage or the dented car body is really severe, immediately take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop in your city to get the best treatment. Good luck!