3 Easy Ways How to Reduce Plastic Waste at Home

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.19
3 Easy Ways How to Reduce Plastic Waste at Home
Understanding and implementing ways to reduce plastic waste in today's modern times is a must. How not, the facts prove that floating plastic waste pollutes islands in the Pacific Ocean covering an area of ​​1.6 million km2.

If we don't know how to reduce plastic waste, planet Earth is in a critical condition. Meanwhile, almost every line of our lives is surrounded by various plastic elements. From packaging, textiles, cell phones, even gum you might be chewing right now!

Therefore, how to reduce plastic waste is actually not just a matter of understanding theory. However, it is also applied to changes in behavior and daily habits.

Plastic is a global problem

The problem of plastic waste has become a serious matter. In fact, in 2021 Europe will ban the use of single-use plastics. Such as straws, cutlery, or cotton buds.

This is in line with global issues related to plastics, including:

  • There are 500 billion plastic bottles produced worldwide per year.
  • There are at least 150 million tons of garbage floating in the ocean.
  • By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.
  • There are about 8 million tons of plastic ending up in the oceans per year.

It should be noted, single-use plastic waste takes 500 years to be decomposed by the soil. In fact, on average we only use disposable cups or straws for 12-15 minutes. Really, not worth it, right? Plastic waste will pollute the planet for hundreds of years, which will become a legacy for our future generations.

How to reduce plastic waste

Now or never! There is a super easy way to reduce plastic waste that we can apply in everyday life. How? Check out the list below!

1. Use a paper bag or cloth bag for shopping

We often shop at the supermarket or at the market, at least once a week to stock up on kitchen cabinets. If every time we go shopping we use recycled bags, such as paper bags, cloth bags, or pandanus woven bags, you are helping the preservation of planet earth, you know!

From now on, remember to provide a cloth bag or paper bag on a motorbike or car. So, if you go out of the house to shop for anything, you no longer need to rely on crackle bags or plastic bags.

Although crackle bags are thin, and easily torn, their use reaches 1 trillion worldwide per year. You might underestimate it because you only use 1 crackle, but each plastic bag has a fairly high environmental cost. It takes up to 500 years and even millions of years for the soil to decompose.

Now, the use of crackle bags has been banned in a number of countries. Such as Hawaii, California, and European countries.

2. Bring a drink or buy a drink with a tumbler

Furthermore, the way to reduce plastic waste, especially plastic bottles, is to bring drinks from home with a tumbler. You can also buy drinks from the cafe with a tumbler directly, without the need for single-use plastic cups.

It did look strange at first. However, these refillable bottles are much safer and ideal as a way to reduce plastic waste. Bringing a tumbler to buy coffee or fruit juice to take home is a smart way to reduce plastic waste. Who knows, this step of yours will inspire others, so that more and more people will abandon plastic bottle packaging.

Keep in mind, actually disposable plastic cups may look like ordinary paper. However, in general, disposable coffee packaging is lined with a type of polyethylene plastic, or a kind of plastic resin.

In theory, these materials can be recycled. However, in a number of countries, there is still no place or adequate waste management infrastructure, so this waste will accumulate for a long time. All of this is best avoided by bringing your own tumbler or refillable bottle from home.

3. Maximize products made of glass, paper and cardboard

In general, it is easier to recycle cardboard or paper than plastic. In addition, paper and cardboard are more easily decomposed by the soil. So, when you have a choice, choose products that come in cardboard boxes or paper boxes instead of plastic bottles.

Furthermore, implementing ways to reduce plastic waste in their daily lifestyle can be done in the workplace. For example, when having lunch, bring your own glass or stainless steel lunch container.

Planet earth will be very grateful, so will your health. Because some lunch containers made of plastic can release harmful substances. Plastic bags, plastic wrap, and plastic storage containers need to be re-evaluated.

Instead of using plastic wrap, why not pack lunch in a glass jar or bento box? Instead of using a plastic bag, why not use a jar or glass container in the fridge?

It takes a strong commitment and determination to change the modern lifestyle which is very attached to plastic in everyday life. This is because many households produce plastic waste from the kitchen.

So, one way to reduce plastic waste is to reduce the use of plastic packaging waste and bring your own bags or containers to store food/drinks.

Keeping the preservation of the planet earth with a green car

Not only implementing ways to reduce plastic waste, the preservation of the earth can also be supported by switching from oil-fueled vehicles to electric cars. As is known, gasoline or diesel-fueled cars release carbon gas emissions into our atmosphere. As a result, the issue of global warming and extreme climate change arises.

Hyundai Motors is committed to presenting LCGC (low cost green car) to help preserve a healthy and pollution-free environment for years to come, for our children and grandchildren.