Luxurious and Spacious, Take A Look at Hyundai Stargazer Interior Here!

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.08.08
Luxurious and Spacious, Take A Look at Hyundai Stargazer Interior Here!

The MPV car is a popular segment, this is proved by the various new models that are bustling the local market. One type of MPV that is considered ideal with the characteristics of local consumers and Indonesian roads is Hyundai Stargazer.

Stargazer is Hyundai's flagship line for MPV class with the characteristics of a spacious cabin and its ability to carry many passengers.

Not only for the dimensions, Hyundai Stargazer also excels in the interior aspect to increase driving comfort. In general, Stargazer is able to provide an impressive driving experience for the MPV segment.

Advantages of Hyundai Stargazer interior

In order to increase comfort in everyday driving, Hyundai designed the Stargazer cabin like a premium car. The spacious cabin is supported by a Captain Seat and practical space, making the Stargazer stand out from its competitors in the same segment.

1. Super Spacious Cabin

In general, MPV cars are used to carry goods for daily needs, or family lunches on weekends. The majority of MPV vehicles have a three-row seat design, with a fairly limited cabin. This is different from Stargazer which offers a more spacious cabin to support the dynamics of movement in the car.

The wide dimensions allow the feet to move for the most comfortable position, as well as the head area, wide enough to accommodate head movement. The Stargazer measures 4,460 mm in length and 1,780 mm in width, and 1,695 mm in height.

This dimension is not much different from its competitors, but the distinguishing point is the futuristic design worn by Stargazer, both exterior and interior.

The curved design makes the cabin height optimized to give the impression of being taller and wider. This is the reason why Hyundai Stargazer is perfect for consumers who want practicality for long trips.

2. Captain Seat

To be more easily accepted, any MPV product must have bargaining power, for example by using a premium design or adding various features. Among the premium features adopted by Stargazer is the Captain Seat, a seat with armrests and seat belts.

The seat configuration can be adjusted in position, such as back and forth, raised or reclined. Captain Seat is able to maximize the interior to make it look wider and give the impression for more open space.

Passengers who want to enter the rear can move freely because there is enough free space in the middle to mobilize. With these various advantages, Captain Seat is excellent to increase user comfort.

This feature allows users not to feel tired. This characteristic is perfect for Indonesian families who like to travel over long distances. The Captain Seat concept allows the passengers to move more freely because there is extra space around the seat.

3. Practical Storage Space

Extra storage will add convenience when they want to store and reach something. Including the storage offered by Stargazer such as a folding table, extra pockets, cup holders, and a kind of small tray.

This compartment certainly adds the comfort of the user to improve the driving experience. Hyundai Stargazer is designed with a focus on aspects of driving comfort, and practicality in taking and storing items are important points.

The interior carries a high practicality value through the use of the concept of multifunctional storage. This concept allows passengers to feel pampered with versatile storage space. This makes the Stargazer cabin seem wider but practical without compromising comfort.

4. Modern Dashboard

Stargazer dashboard is dominated by a large compartment to place an 8-inch touch screen for entertainment and a 4.2-inch LCD monitor to display around the car.

To harmonize the appearance of the dashboard with the exterior, the compartment that integrates the air vents is given a bright silver finish. There is one storage located over the dashboard, above the control panel of the air conditioning system.

The gear lever is placed next to the seat, adjacent to the power outlet, USB port, and wireless charger. The dashboard is designed futuristic to offer a dynamic and elegant look. That's why, Hyundai removes the HVAC button and replaces it with digital commands while the hazard light button is still maintained.

5. Other Features

Stargazer is Hyundai's flagship line for the MPV segment that has a dynamic, expressive, and futuristic appearance. These characteristics are the answer for the family segment, and the Indonesian streets that are very demanding.

By Hyundai, the Stargazer is equipped with a total of six speakers, leather seats, instrument cluster, monitoring system, speed limit assist, keyless entry, and steering adjustment that allows it to be changed according to the driver's habits.

As a modern vehicle, digital products dominate the features. Hyundai brings a series of modern features that can be integrated via smartphones. Technological innovations from Hyundai are also embedded in the form of Hyundai Bluelink which allows users to be connected to their car via a mobile application.

Hyundai Bluelink allows owners to fully control the important features, know the current condition of the car, turn on or off the engine and lights, adjust the temperature, open or lock the door, turn on the horn, and find the position of the car when parked.

All of these features are adding comfort, while improving the driving experience, especially when traveling over long distances with family.