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5 Impacts of Climate Change to Human Life

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.04
5 Impacts of Climate Change to Human Life
Climate change is a long-term change in certain weather patterns in an area. Climate change is no doubt associated with global warming. Global warming is an increase in temperature on earth that lasts for a decade or more, where one of the causes is climate change.

Global climate change should be a concern for the whole world, especially in Indonesia. Because, the impact of climate change in Indonesia has an impact on aspects of Indonesian people's lives. The impact can be observed from the environment, for example the earth's temperature is starting to warm up, natural disasters that come and go to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Definition of climate change

Climate is the average weather that is a marker of atmospheric conditions over a certain period of time. Climate is also referred to as a measure of the variability of the quantity and the relevant average of certain variables such as temperature, rainfall or wind over a certain period, generally ranging from months, years or even millions of years.

Climate can change continuously due to the interaction between components and external factors such as volcanic eruptions and variations in sunlight, and other factors caused by human activities such as the use of fossil fuels or changes in land use.

Causes of climate change

1. The greenhouse effect

One of the causes of climate change comes from greenhouse gases. Several gases in the Earth's atmosphere play a role in this, for example the greenhouse glass which traps the sun's heat and stops it from leaking back into space. Many gases occur naturally, although many human activities increase their concentration in the atmosphere.

Examples are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, fluorinated gas CO2 and nitrous oxide as the greenhouse gases most produced by human activities and are responsible for 64% of human-made global warming. Greenhouse gases are emitted in small amounts but trap heat much more effectively than CO2.

2. Increased emissions

The second cause of climate change is the increase in emissions caused by human activities, for example the burning of coal, gas and oil that produces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. This is also caused by logging or deforestation.

Trees can help regulate climate by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. If there is deforestation, the beneficial effects will be lost and the carbon stored in the trees will be released into the atmosphere so that it can add to the greenhouse effect on earth. Increasing numbers of livestock, especially cattle and sheep, also produce large amounts of methane when digesting food.

In addition, fertilizers containing nitrogen produce nitrous oxide emissions, where these gases will fluoridate, causing a very strong heating effect, which is up to 23000 times greater than CO2.

Impact of climate change

As wise inhabitants of the planet, we should be aware that there are several impacts of climate change that need careful attention. Among others:

1. Increase in air temperature

The impact of climate change in Indonesia that can be felt is the increase in air temperature. Based on research from the Journal of Geophysical Research, Indonesia will experience more than 3 times the state of the increase in air temperature or extreme heat waves between 2020 and 2052. In 2068 and 2100, extreme heat waves will occur every 2 years.

The increase in air temperature due to this heat wave has the same intensity and is even greater than in 2010, where this extreme heat wave killed 55000 people in Russia. Not only that, this increase in air temperature also destroyed about 9 million hectares of crops and killed all the birds in Moscow.

2. Decreased rainfall

Not only the increase in air temperature, the impact of climate change in Indonesia is the decrease in increased rainfall which causes the risk of flooding. Between 1990 and 2013, river floods in Indonesia cost around US$5.5 billion. The impact of climate change in Indonesia is estimated to increase economic damage by up to 91% by 2030.

3. Declining water quality

Global warming increases the amount of water in the atmosphere. Thus, increasing rainfall. Although an increase in rainfall can increase the number of clean water sources. However, with too much rainfall, it is possible for the water to return directly to the sea. Usually, this increase in water is not saved by clean water sources that are used by humans.

4. Habitat change

There will be significant changes from warming temperatures on earth, floods, storms to rising sea levels. The cause is, of course, climate change which brings major changes to the natural habitats of living things. Including various types of plants, animals to various other organisms.

5. Species extinction

As a result of changes in the habitat of plants and animals, it causes the extinction of various species. In particular, tree plants are the main absorbers of carbon dioxide gas.

This can happen because they do not adapt to changes in air temperature and habitat changes that occur so quickly. The extinction of this species has an impact on ecosystems and food chains.

Reducing the impact of climate change with a green car

One of these problems we can help with by choosing a car like the Hyundai that does not produce too much gas emissions. As we know, gas emissions can increase global warming.

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