Knowing the Terms of Spooring Balancing in Car Treatment

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.22
Knowing the Terms of Spooring Balancing in Car Treatment

Car owners are strongly advised to do spooring balancing on a regular basis. Why is that? Because, one of the main factors of driving safety is the balance of the wheels.

If there is a problem with the wheels or the coordination system is not right, then this will affect the precision of the car's steering. What's more, when passing through winding roads or paths full of sharp turns. This is what makes car owners have to do spooring balancing to maintain driving safety and security.

In the following we will learn more about the term spooring balancing in car maintenance!

What is Spooring Balancing?

Actually, the term spooring balancing may be familiar to those of you who often do car maintenance. In general, the function of spooring is to straighten the front and rear wheels.

Meanwhile, the balancing function is to ensure that all wheel positions match the wheel center point. Doing spooring balancing is a must for comfort and safety when driving.

Difference between Spooring and Balancing

Spooring balancing is one of the routine maintenance that needs to be done on the vehicle. The goal is to make the car more stable, balanced, and the wheel position is more precise. Even so, there are significant differences in spooring balancing. The differences include:

What is Spore?

Spooring is the process of aligning or balancing the wheels of a car by aligning the front and rear wheels. The process includes caster, turning radius, toe angle (toe-in or toe-out) and camber .

The function of the spooring is to maintain the stability of the vehicle. Among other things: reducing wear on the ball-joints and wheels, making the steering lighter, preventing the vehicle from turning on its own when removing the steering wheel, and preventing the wheels from turning on their own after turning.

What is Balancing?

Meanwhile, the balancing function is to balance all the wheels of the car and ensure whether the car is balanced at the center of the wheel or not.

Therefore, balancing is done after the process of changing the rim or tire. The goal is that when the car is driven, the tires are in the best condition and can rotate normally.

When is the Right Time for Spooring Balancing?

If the car has been used for a long time, it is usually necessary to do spooring balancing. Because, there is a risk of wear on the wheel which causes its position to change slightly deviated or not straight at the center point of the wheel.

That is why, spooring balancing is needed to maintain the stability of the car's wheels. You need to do spooring balancing regularly, which is at least every 15,000 km or every 3-4 months.

Spooring Balancing Features

You need to know the characteristics of vehicles that require spooring balancing, here are some of them:

1. Steering Wheel Vibrates While Driving

Feel and observe if your steering wheel seems to vibrate when driving. This vibrating steering wheel is a sign that something is wrong with the front tire of your car. This is very disturbing driving comfort, right? Therefore, when you feel this sign, you must immediately do spooring balancing on your car.

2. The Car Turns Alone When Going Straight

When your car is going straight, feel for any movement that the car is turning on its own. If your car tends to turn automatically in a certain direction, it's a sign that there's a spooring problem.

3. Steering Feels Heavier

If there are problems that require spooring balancing, the most felt effect is on the steering wheel. If your steering wheel feels uncomfortable or heavier than usual, or when the steering wheel is turned it won't return to its original position, then you should immediately do spooring balancing.

4. Make sure there are no lumps on the car tires

If you feel uncomfortable while driving, you can check the wear on your car tires. Observe carefully and thoroughly. If there is a lump in the tire, it is possible that your car's suspension system is having a problem.

5. The shock is felt when turning the car

When turning the car, feel if there is a slight shock. If it feels like there is a shock even though the road conditions look good, then there is most likely a problem with the spooring balancing in your car.

6. Loss of Balance in the Car

If spooring balancing is not carried out for a long time, the most severe effect that can appear is the loss of balance of the car. This is very dangerous, especially if you go at high speed.

7. The Legs of the Car are Broken

You need to do routine maintenance to check the condition of the car's legs, whether there is something damaged or not. The purpose of this routine check is to keep your car safe while driving.

The part that can be checked is the leg of the car such as the stabilizer link because this part is what makes your car's legs function properly.

If you know something is broken at the foot of the car, immediately go to an official repair shop for spooring balancing. Spooring balancing is mandatory to make other car parts stable. Perform routine maintenance of your car once a year.

Please note, if the foot of the car is damaged, it would be better to replace it first before spooring. Because later it's useless if spooring but the components are damaged so the results are not optimal.

If you feel one or more of the signs above, immediately have your car checked at a trusted auto repair shop. This problem may seem trivial at first, but if left unattended, the effects can be even more dangerous.

The problem of car wheel stability can also endanger safety when the car is traveling at high speeds. This condition can be a potential accident.

Especially if when the car is speeding, the driver loses control of the steering wheel or vehicle steering. Talking about driving comfort, Hyundai really cares about this, so don't forget to always do routine maintenance on your car.