9 Differences Between Pertamax and Pertalite That You Should Know

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.06.28
9 Differences Between Pertamax and Pertalite That You Should Know

Pertamax is widely known for its better quality, but Pertalite is considered more friendly and affordable. So, what is actually the difference between Pertamax and Pertalite?

Both Pertamax and Pertalite are two most popular fuels with their own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the price and quality, there are other factors that make the two different.

Pertamax is superior in several aspects, but Pertalite also has its superiority. In the end, the choice of whether to use Pertamax or Pertalite will depend on personal preference.

Difference Between Pertamax and Pertalite

These two types of fuel are designed with different qualities, that's why their prices are different. The quality comes from the characteristics of the chemical compounds in the liquid, of which Pertamax is slightly superior to Pertalite.

1. Octane Rate

Pertamax and Pertalite have different octane levels which are measured based on RON (Research Octane Number) units. Not only in Indonesia, all fuel used for vehicles in the world also uses RON units. In general, Pertamax is superior to Pertalite in octane value, which is 92 compared to 90.

The octane value greatly affects the combustion process, and fuels with high octane values ​​burn longer and leave no residue. Today's vehicles generally use a high compression engine that will produce a maximum performance with a high octane fuel.

Regardless of the vehicle, choosing a fuel with a high octane rating is highly recommended.

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2. Engine Protection

Both Pertamax and Pertalite are actually have the same content, only the levels are different. Additives, anti-rust, and demulsifiers are some types of compounds that exist in fuel. Pertamax is produced using Pertatec technology which is able to clean the residue three times better than Pertalite.

The higher version, Pertamax Turbo with octane 98, is even claimed to be 80% better at removing deposits. Because Pertamax is superior in its composition, this type of fuel is more reliable in providing protection to the engine. As a result, the engine life becomes longer.

3. Color

The most notable difference between Pertamax and Pertalite is the color. Each type of fuel has a certain color code to make it easier to distinguish. Another function is to make the combustion process more perfect.

Pertamax is synonymous with blue, while Pertalite is green. Darker colors indicate higher octane content, which means higher quality.

4. Price

Pertamax is superior in all aspects compared to Pertalite. That's why the price for Pertamax is higher than Pertalite. This higher price goes hand in hand with its quality, and it has a positive impact in all aspects.

Unfortunately, there is no definite price for the fuel because it will be influenced by global supply and other factors.

5. Pollution Level

Differences in quality come with different outputs, especially in terms of pollution. All fuel will basically cause a pollution at some degree. This is important to note because it causes environmental pollution.

Based on its content, Pertamax is slightly superior to Pertalite. The lower octane number makes Pertalite less friendly to the environment, while Pertamax is rated better in this aspect. So, by buying fuel with a high octane rating, you are actually contributing to reduce the pollution.

6. Dispensation

Pertalite has a lower price than Pertamax for a reason. In general, Pertalite is for consumers with middle to lower economic levels, while Pertamax is on the opposite side.

Pertamax is not a type of fuel that is subsidized by the government, so the price tends to be more expensive. For Pertalite, government subsidies make the price more affordable.

7. Engine Compression

Engine performance is strongly influenced by the type of fuel. For higher engine compression, a higher octane fuel is clearly needed. For engine compression of 10:1 to 10.9:1, using Pertamax is more recommended, while Pertalite is perfect for engines below 9:1 to 9.9:1.

The injection engine with a high compression level will work better with a darker fuel, which has a higher RON value.

8. Engine Type

The latest engine models are usually designed to use Pertamax because it has a higher configuration, while Pertalite is generally used for older engines. A simple example, an injection engine will be more optimal with Pertamax.

Even the carburetor engine will provide optimal performance with Pertamax, using Pertalite is more than enough. Fuel compatibility is more related to the type of engine of the vehicle, so it would be better if you understand the engine configuration first before using Pertamax or Pertalite.

9. Environmental Impact

For the environmental aspect, Pertamax is considered better because it produces less pollution than Pertalite since it has a sulfur content of 0.5 combined with 90 octanes. As a result, the pollution caused by Pertalite tends to be higher.

On the other hand, Pertamax is equipped with a mixture of ethanol to increase the octane rating while reducing the pollution. So, basically Pertamax is better in terms of environmental friendliness.