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8 Tips for Caring Car Body to Keep it Clean and Shiny

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.27
8 Tips for Caring Car Body to Keep it Clean and Shiny

Generally, car owners pay more attention to the engine or the legs of the vehicle. In fact, you also need to know how to take care of car body. It is very important to understand how to take care of the car body so that it always looks clean and shiny.

If the car looks always clean, this reflects the owner's personality who prioritizes cleanliness and comfort. So, let's start taking care of the car body to make it look shiny below!

How to Take Care of Car Body

The outward appearance of a vehicle certainly reflects its owner, as well as the car.

Well, for those of you who want your car paint to look like new, then try some of the ways to take care of the car body below:

1. Using Special Soap for Cars

Some car owners still think that all types of soap can be used to wash cars, but this is not the case.

Washing a car using dish soap, detergent, or dab soap can actually make the car paint fade and dull.

Meanwhile, if you use car soap with an unclear brand and quality, it can make the color of the car uneven (striped).

Because of this, you should use a special soap for washing cars that has special ingredients to treat paint and car body.

Wash the car regularly at least once a week to twice a week depending on weather conditions.

2. Park the car in the shade

Things that are considered trivial turn out to be very influential in changing the body or paint of a car, such as a car park.

Who would have thought it turns out that car parking must also be considered because it can make the car paint color fade.

We recommend that when you stop or look for a parking space, then you can find a shady place (for long parking).

Meanwhile, if there is no shade, you can use a car cover to protect the car paint color from the bad effects of ultraviolet rays.

3. Clean the car with a soft cloth

When cleaning the car, you must use a soft and not rough cloth, at least use a soft chamois. Do not use fabrics with rough materials such as scraps of clothes or towels.

4. Regularly Clean Car Body Parts

Cleaning the car regularly is a must. If our car is dry then we have to wet the car body or flush it before cleaning.

Wiping the car body when dry makes the car not even look perfectly clean.

Instead, it can leave small scratches due to the presence of dust and gravel particles so that the car paint layer becomes damaged.

5. Always Use Car Covers at Night

The next way to take care of the car body is to always use a car holster at night.

Avoid parking the car in an open place because it can make the dew stick to the car body paint. In addition, this can fade the paint and reduce the resistance of the car body itself.

If you let this happen continuously then the car body can crack. To avoid this, use a car cover at night to avoid objects that can damage the paint and car body.

6. Car Paint Correction

When the car is moving, there will be lots of objects that attack from all sides, such as sunlight, rainwater, tree branches, gravel, and even from other car drivers. These things can damage the body and paint of the car.

If this happens then don't hesitate to use the help of experts and do glazing, compounding , and also polishing .

With the aim of keeping the car paint in good condition and protected from metal that causes rust.

7. Rinse the car after it rains

The arrival of rain is unpredictable, and it turns out that rain can also make car paint colors less beautiful.

This is because rain has the potential to reduce the quality of car paint. Because of this, it is advisable to rinse the car when it rains.

We recommend that you rinse as soon as possible because rainwater that is left for a long time can make the paint layer moldy.

8. Protect Car Paint

The last way to care for the car body is to protect the car paint. Protect the car paint with a material such as a sealant or wax.

These two materials are often used to protect car paint, tires, and even car windows so that dust doesn't stick easily.

Even now, most car paint protection service providers offer a new type of protection, namely nano ceramic coating which can provide protection for up to more than a year.

Unlike the wax or sealant that can provide protection for only several months.

Well, this nano ceramic coating is certainly stronger and provides a hydraulic effect, besides that it also protects more from substances that can damage your car paint.

Now that you have seen how to take care of car body and paint. So, go on, follow the tutorial on how to take care of car body above so that your car looks like new. Hopefully this article was insightful and that you’ll get inspired.