Sustainability: Understanding, Concepts, and Benefits in Life

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.05.02
Sustainability: Understanding, Concepts, and Benefits in Life
The word sustainability is a term that may not be so familiar to ordinary people in Indonesia. Because, this term is taken from a foreign language. However, more and more people are hearing about sustainability every day.

Especially with the widespread issue of global warming which makes the earth feel hotter. And, more and more people are aware of changing their lifestyle so that the earth and its life are better. But, what does sustainability really mean?

What is Sustainability

Sustainability is a diction that is absorbed from English, sustainability or sustainable. In the Indonesian sense, the word sustainability means sustainable. The word Sustainability itself is now increasingly being used as a narrative that leads people to carry out the vision of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Especially because of the increasing issue of climate change which resulted in the issue of global warming. In the context of the discussion of ecology, the word sustainability is defined as a biological mechanism that must sustain biodiversity and productivity related to unlimited life.

Thus, sustainability is an inseparable part of social and environmental phenomena. Because it is run by many people who are starting to reduce the act of excessive exploitation of natural resources.

How Sustainability Works

The sustainability mechanism refers to 3 basic principles or pillars, namely correcting past mistakes, reducing or eliminating problems in the present, and building a 'legacy' for the next generation.

Sustainability which leads to maintaining the ecological system on earth is increasingly being carried out proactively. Because, the effect is increasingly having a positive impact on humans and the earth. Uniquely, this method can be measured, so the results can be assessed to confirm the progress of the results.

In other words, the purpose of the sustainability method is to minimize or eliminate hazards that can damage the environment up to 0%. However, in carrying out this method, humans are still obliged to comply with the ethical and legal standards set in their country.

Efforts to run sustainability can only be done by humans. No matter how sophisticated a machine or as advanced as a company, it will not be able to run this system. Except, humans with their talents optimize sustainability efforts themselves. By focusing on efforts to preserve and protect the environment, we can reduce the impact of environmental damage now, and in the future.

3 Pillars of Sustainability

In carrying out the principle of sustainability for life, there are 3 pillars that must be considered, namely the economy, society and the environment.

These three pillars are also known as the 3Ps (Profit, People, and Planet) which are interconnected with harmony and should continue to be fought for.

Each of the three pillars has different functions and roles, but they both provide benefits for the sustainability of human life and the earth. If one of them is lame, it will affect the other points that are pillars.

For example, if the principle of sustainability is only to prioritize the economic aspect and without thinking about the environment. So, what is most likely happening is the increasingly massive environmental damage. Although the industry is developing and the economy is advancing, there will be more and more factories that damage the environment.

Goals of Sustainability in Life

Until now, the concept of maintaining survival with the sustainability method is closely related to various things that happen in the world. For example, the melting of ice at the North Pole and South Pole. This extreme natural phenomenon certainly threatens the lives of all living things on earth, including humans.

By thinking about the concept of fighting for sustainability, people will increasingly apply the impact of industrialization and minimize negative impacts on the environment and humans in the future. This concept will also lead to aspects of policies set by the state to make special regulations to minimize environmental damage

Examples of the Benefits of Sustainability in Life

The term sustainability is already familiar. Moreover, the more incessant news about global warming or global warming. This is the main function of the sustainability method in life. Another term is eco friendly which is now becoming a trend.

Some of the benefits of sustainability are as follows:

1. Less Pollution

By applying the sustainability method, the level of air pollution is decreasing. One way to apply this method is to replace a motorized engine that used to use fuel oil to a machine that uses fuel from electricity. These electric cars do not produce emissions, allowing for better air quality and reduced levels of air pollution.

2. Living Healthier

When we decide to adopt the sustainability method in our daily life, we can be sure that life will be healthier, you know. One of them is because the health of the environment is always maintained due to reduced pollution and reduced exploitation of nature.

Thus the ecosystem is maintained. The reason is that humans are increasingly reducing the use of non-renewable natural resources to meet their daily needs.

3. Reduce the impact of global warming

The human environment is filled with harmful chemical toxins and carbon dioxide emissions over the years. This pollution also has an impact on increasing sea levels, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, drought, extinction of flora and fauna, and others. 

Of course, the use of renewable alternative energy can reduce or even eliminate various factors that cause natural damage. The reason is, alternative energy is clean energy that can help modern humans face the environmental crisis

4.    More efficient

Another benefit of applying the sustainability method to our lives is that it is more efficient. Currently there are many alternatives that can be chosen to apply this method, one of which is the use of electric cars.

Another good news, it turns out that electric cars are cheaper in fuel consumption than other cars that use fuel. One brand that introduces an electric car that is highly recommended is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 from Hyundai Motors.