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5 Reasons Why We Should Reduce Carbon Emissions

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.06.29
5 Reasons Why We Should Reduce Carbon Emissions

Although regulations have been made, the negative impact of carbon emissions will continue to rise if the cause is not addressed immediately. But, why should we reduce carbon emissions? 

The short answer: to maintain the existence of nature and its living things. It is not an easy task, especially since carbon emissions are a problem for all nations. 

There must be cooperation between the state, government, and corporations, to actively reduce emissions. But individuals, as part of the ecosystem, actually have a bigger responsibility because emissions are basically produced by human activities.

Reasons Why We Should Reduce Carbon Emissions 

You can use any reason why carbon emissions should be reduced to preserve nature and its inhabitants. The bad impact of carbon emissions not only kills the ecosystems, as well as humans. This is the main reason why carbon production should be kept to a minimum. 

1. Trigger Global Warming 

It is a big challenge for every country, global warming has a disastrous impact on every aspect. Rising temperatures, sea levels, extreme weather, and other natural phenomena are some effects of global warming by carbon emissions. 

Carbon emissions affect the weather cycle. So, don't be surprised if you got rained in the dry season. Wind storms occur more frequently, and this phenomenon is due to carbon emissions. 

The acidity of seawater increases because it absorbs 30% of the carbon. In the last 200 years, the acidity of seawater has increased by 30% which has resulted in a drastic decline in marine habitats. 

Reducing the carbon footprint has a positive impact on the aquatic ecosystems sustainability that are unable to quickly adapt. That way, animal and biological diversity can be maintained because the pH is able to support life. 

Global warming is a problem that requires humans to change the way they live, think, work, and even move. In short, changing your lifestyle. 

Especially with the recent knowledge and technology, it is very possible for humans to live without having to produce carbon emissions. 

2. Causes Premature Death 

Reducing carbon emissions could prevent 3 million premature deaths according to new research

Global warming occurs because the carbon retains the heat longer. Starting from the industrial revolution, the carbon footprint holds various pollutants. 

Research also explains that massively reducing carbon emissions can prevent annual premature deaths in the world. This step is able to clean the air content needed by the respiratory system of all living things. 

Carbon emissions are fundamentally a serious problem, and reducing carbon production is only a small step to make the Earth's temperature back to normal. 

3. Deteriorating Health 

The negative impact of carbon emissions is no longer damaging to the environment, but damaging to health. With increasing levels of carbon dioxide, methane and other pollutants in the atmosphere, carbon emissions will affect the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. 

The respiratory system will be directly affected, but there are other conditions as well. Allergies, cancer, stroke, stress, mental disorders, are a number of conditions that can arise due to carbon emissions. 

The good news is that changing in behavior can make a positive contribution. Saving fuel, or not driving whenever possible, is concrete steps to reduce emissions. It has been proven during the pandemic, which makes the sky look clear and the air clean because no emissions due to vehicles and industrial activities. 

If you want to reduce emissions, reduce the frequency of driving or switch to electric cars that use renewable energy.

4. Waste of Money 

Carbon emissions do damage the environment, but as part of the ecosystem, humans are affected. With increasing heat waves, fires, storms, and a growing mosquito population, there are financial impacts. 

Health costs are rising, as well as the costs of home repairs and the bills. On a global scale, carbon dioxide emissions are wasting of $10 million

By lowering our individual carbon footprints and using a renewable energy, we are actually making a financial investment in the long term. As an illustration, 1 tons of carbon can reduce the GDP by half a percent. Worldwide, the total loss reaches 240-420 billion dollars per year. 

With the decline in the price of renewable energy, currently cheaper than fossil energy in many countries, its adoption can be widely used for residential, business, and even large industries. 

The basic idea is not to produce carbon in all activities because it can damage the environment, as well as make the living cost more expensive. 

5. Destroying the Habitat 

Real action to save the environment will not only benefit for humans, but also the entire ecosystem. Animals and plants are already incurred the negative impact of carbon emissions more than we can understand. 

Carbon emissions will always be a long-term threat to all living habitats. Rising temperatures and extreme weather, make animals and plants threatened because they are unable to adapt. Biodiversity will be drastically reduced, even extinct in just the next few years. 

As a result, the ecological balance is damaged so there is an imbalance in the proportion of animals and plants. Since the health system of living things is highly dependent on the environment, positive action will improve all aspects.