9 Benefits of Used Oil Lubricants, Here Are The List!

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.06.22
9 Benefits of Used Oil Lubricants, Here Are The List!

Even waste could be a source of income for other people, used oil for example. In the hands of the right people, used oil can be like a precious liquid.

Used oil is basically a waste that, according to ordinary people, has no benefit at all. In fact, oil, along with other types of lubricant, are among the most frequently used products in the world.

But oil is also the type of pollutant most often found because it has a detrimental effect on the environment through its chemical content. So, recycling a used oil is the wisest way to prevent pollution, as well as providing economic benefits.

Benefits of Used Oil

The environmental issues and the economic value of used oil have made it widely used again for various purposes. With the basic principle of reuse and recycle, unused oil can be processed and reused.

1. Softens Skin

It’s not human skin or other living things as you may have thought, instead of leather products. Shoes, chairs, or other products that use leather as the raw material will crack and dull in time.

Instead of buying a polish at a fair price, used oil can be the cheapest and easiest solution. Oil can flex the leather so the shoes are not easily torn or broken when worn, and the chairs are not easily cracked when sitting on. The trick is simple, just apply used oil and wipe the remaining oil with a cloth.

2. Emergency Fuel

This idea is actually against the principle of conservation, but this point is still worth listing the benefits of used oil.

In the event of a power outage, which often occurs suddenly, used oil can be used as emergency fuel for lighting. But it must be understood that used oil has harmful chemical substances, and the effect can trigger air pollution.

But if you really have to, use used oil as the lantern fuel. This can be the best way to light yourself up in the dark.

3. Prevents Rust

Over time, iron will be weathered before rusting due to moist or wet conditions. Unfortunately, rust can damage the structure of iron, reducing its strength.

Used oil is useful in preventing rust by preventing moisture. Its water-repellent nature is the reason. Just apply used oil to the surface at least once every three months. If you live in an area with high humidity, apply every six weeks for optimal protection.

4. Tool Maintenance

If you've ever slipped due to rain, that's how used oil works. For instance, bolts and screws and other mechanical devices sometimes get stuck over time.

To restore its function, drop a little oil on the surface and then leave it for a few minutes. Its natural lubricating properties make bolts and screws easier to remove and install, as well as other tools.

Hydraulic machines and sewing machines are tools that require high-frequency lubricants, and used oil can be used as an alternative.

5. As Lubricant

There are specific benefits offered by used oil, as a lubrication. Door and window hinges are among the parts of the house that often get stuck due to rain. Applying used oil is able to restore the hinge function. Used oil is often applied to motorcycle chains to make it more comfortable when driving.

6. Prevents Weathering

Wooden fences do seem more eco-friendly because they are organic materials. Unfortunately, wood will be weathered faster than iron fences, especially when it is exposed to rain.

Apply used oil as a coating material to protect the inner wood structure. Oil can prevent wood from absorbing water so it avoids weathering. While used oil does a good job of keeping the wood, heavy rain will bring the oil to seep into the ground. This is what must be considered if you are planning to use used oil.

7. Finishing Materials

Especially for wooden materials, used oil will provide a shiny appearance to the surface. It works the same as melamine, polish, varnish, wax, veneer, and others. Used oil can be obtained when changing motor or car oil, so there are no costs to be paid.

8. Protecting the Environment

The process of producing new oil creates various environmental issues, and obtaining a gallon of used oil requires less energy than processing crude oil with the same capacity.

In comparison, one gallon of used oil can produce as much as 2.5 liters of lubricating oil, while 42 gallons of crude oil are needed to make the same amount of lubricant.

That means, there are environmental problems that can be limited because pollution is reduced, and the waste from the production process can be suppressed.

9. Recycle and Reuse

Used oil can bring direct economic benefits. The trick is to recycle and reuse. In fact, used oil is not damaged, expired, or lost its function. Used oil is simply too dirty to effectively perform its function.

Like a dirty towel, oil has the same condition. Towels and oil just need to be cleaned again from dirt and contaminants before being sold and reused. Now, there are more and more collectors who process used oil into ready-to-use oil with the same function and bringing economic benefits.