2 List of Rates and Charges for Electric Cars

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.10.03
2 List of Rates and Charges for Electric Cars

Are you planning to switch from a petrol car to an electric car? Your decision is right! There are many reasons why we need to use electric cars. In addition to supporting the carbon emission reduction program, the cost of charging electric cars is also known to be more efficient.

If we compare the cost of charging an electric car with the operating cost of a petrol car or diesel car, the difference is quite significant.

Want to know, how much does it cost to charge an electric car? Check out the fare list below!

1. The cost of charging an electric car at SPKLU

In a single charge at the SPKLU (General Electric Vehicle Charging Station), the cost of charging an electric car is Rp. 1,650 – Rp. 2,466 per kWh.

So, if you have an electric car with a 50 kWh battery . So, just multiply it by Rp. 1,650 x 50 kWh, which is Rp. 82.500. With the cost of charging an electric car of less than IDR 000, you can charge it up to 100%.

In addition, please note that electric cars need to be charged every 300 km - 400 km. That way, the cost of charging an electric car per kilometer is only around IDR 200 – IDR 300. Cheap, right!

Then, how long does it take to charge an electric car battery at SPKLU? Depending on the feature, if you use a regular charging method such as slow charging, it will take around 2-3 hours.

However, if you use the Fast Charging feature from SPKLU, the electric car only takes 54 minutes to reach 80% battery capacity.

2. The cost of charging an electric car at home

Generally, the electric power at home to charge an electric car battery is 2,200 VA. In one charge, the cost of charging an electric car is IDR 1,445 per kWh.

For example, if you have an electric car with a battery power of 50 kWh. So, all you have to do is multiply Rp1,445 x 50 kWh, which is Rp72,250. The cost of charging an electric car of Rp. 72 thousand is able to fill the battery capacity of an electric car to the full at home.

Although, it is cheaper, charging electric car batteries at home takes longer, which is around 8 hours. It is different from charging an electric car at SPKLU which is faster, between 2-3 hours.

Where is the SPKLU Point Location?

For electric car owners who are traveling long distances, no need to worry! Because, currently the government has built more than 300 SPKLU points as places to charge electric car batteries.

Indeed, there are not as many gas stations or gas stations as there are gas stations, however, at least a few SPKLU points will really help electric car drivers who run out of battery power while traveling.

Several SPKLU providers are state-owned companies and private companies. Among them are Pertamina, PLN, electric car dealers such as BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Blue Bird.

Information on SPKLU and Electric Car Charge Fees Through the Charge.IN Application

Need info on the nearest SPKLU location to charge electric car batteries? Take it easy, you just see it in your hand. Yes, you only need to install the Charge.IN application released by PLN.

The Charge.IN app is a versatile app for electric car drivers. In it, you can see the location of the nearest SPKLU, monitor and control charging, and get other latest information related to electric cars.

In addition, you can also pay for electric car charges via the Charge.IN application. This is because the Charge.IN application partners with the government's digital wallet platform, LinkAja.

Cheaper Than Gasoline, This Is How Electric Cars Charge

Awareness to preserve planet earth, needs support from all parties. One thing that can be done is to switch from gasoline cars to electric cars.

Electric cars emit less carbon and prevent change global climate. Not only that, electric cars also seem to be more cost-effective.

It is known that the cost of charging an electric car at SPKLU is around Rp. 2,466 per kilo Watt hour (kWh). However, if you charge at home, the cost will be even lower, depending on household electricity rates.

If, the mileage of an electric car like the Hyundai IONIQ Electric reaches 373 km for one full charge with 38.3 kWh of power. So, it can be calculated that every kilo Watt hour can cover up to 9.7 kilometers, or almost 10 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the operational cost of a petrol car or diesel car per 1 liter can cover a distance of 11 kilometers. However, the price of fuel oil also continues to increase and is limited. For example, the price per September 2022, Pertamax is around Rp. 15,000. That means, every 1 kilometer, a gasoline car costs Rp. 1,363.

In fact, the cost of charging an electric car is IDR 2,466 per 1 kWh with a mileage of 9.7 km, it only costs IDR 254.

That's the comparison of the cost of charging an electric car with a gasoline car. By calculation, Rp1,363-Rp254, then the difference is Rp1,109. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the tariff set for electric cars will be much cheaper than the operating costs of gasoline cars.

What's more, for those who use electric motorcycles, such as online motorcycle taxis or couriers. Although it takes a long time to charge the battery, this can be overcome by using the battery swap method to make it faster.

How, are you interested in using an electric vehicle? It should be! In addition to being more efficient than when using a gasoline vehicle, you also support the planet earth conservation program. Electric vehicles are cleaner, do not emit carbon fumes, and prevent global warming.

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