8 Recycled Products with High Selling Value

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8 Recycled Products with High Selling Value

You must be familiar with the term recycled products . Many companies claim that their products are made from recycled materials. However, sometimes it is not clear whether the product is really environmentally friendly, or is it just a marketing strategy?

However, apparently it is true that there are some recycled products out there that are made from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

If we use recycled products, we can preserve the planet earth and promise a better future for future generations.

So, what are the recycled products in question? Here let's look at the list!

High Selling Value Recycled Products

Here are some of the most amazing products made from recycled materials. Try checking one by one, come on!

1. Veno Shopping Bag

The first list of recycled products is the Veno shopping bag. Made from almost 100% recycled materials.

It is suitable for all types of groceries, especially if you buy foods such as fruits, vegetables, or other fresh foods.

The Veno bag is in the form of a box that can be closed with a top zipper so that shopping items don't spill or fall. So, it is very useful for grocery shopping. Or, it can also be taken on a trip, camping, or picnic.

2. Earthwise Shopping Bag

Furthermore, there are recycled products in the form of Earthwise shopping bags. This shopping bag is made of 100% recycled material which can hold many items.

The design of the bag is quite simple, box-shaped, and there is a handle for easy carrying.

The Earthwise bag is versatile because it can be taken anywhere, such as picnics, boating, camping, shopping, going to the beach, laundry bags, and many more.

3. Preserve Toothbrush

What do you do if your toothbrush looks broken? You're definitely going to throw it away, right?

One of the most wasteful household items and used by many people is a toothbrush. It is recommended to replace the toothbrush every 3-6 months. Therefore, the use of non-recycled plastic will increase the amount of plastic toothbrush waste.

However, there are recycled products in the form of Preserve toothbrushes which are made from 100% recycled plastic. Apart from being ergonomic and developed by dental hygienists, this recycled product is BPA free and does not use any animal testing.

4. Dock & Bay Shorts

Maybe no one thought that shorts could be made from plastic bottles. However, Dock & Bay makes eco-friendly shorts for everyday wear or going to the beach.

Uniquely, each piece of shorts is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles . Very cool, right! As a bonus, there is an elastic band at the waist and the material dries quickly. So, it is safe when used for swimming.

5. BottleCloth Tablecloth

Do you often entertain guests or hold family get-togethers? BottleCloth tablecloths can be recycled products that add presentation to the dining table.

This tablecloth comes in various sizes and color variants. In addition, it is 100% made from recycled woven fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles.

Because of this, the BottleCloth tablecloth is easy to clean, and can be used over and over again. You can save more on your budget and save the environment.

6. Cape Horn Leather Bag

When traveling, most people will pack toiletries and make-up in one plastic bag. Actually, no problem! However, now there is an innovation in leather bag recycling products from Cape Horn.

This leather bag is truly a great product because it is stylish, versatile and handmade . Best of all, the bags are made from recycled sailboat fabric. The type of regatta screen used is made of Kevlar and carbon fiber, so it is more durable

7. NY Crafting Paper

Do you like playing with paper crafts? Usually, for one work, it may require several sheets of paper.

Don't worry, though, the NY paper mill makes specialty craft paper out of incredible recycled products.

This recycled paper can be used for painting, drawing, wrapping, and various other decorative arts and crafts.

8. EcoTools Bath Sponge

Another innovative recycled product is the EcoTools Bath Sponge. Generally, bath sponges don't last long, so within a month you can get rid of 2-3 bath sponges.

However, we can reduce bath sponge waste by using the right products. One of them is the EcoTools bath sponge which is made from 100% recycled materials.

This bath sponge has a cool design, but is also soft when it touches the skin and increases the amount of soap foam. When the strap is removed, the EcoTools bath sponge can be recycled again. Amazing, right!

Buying Recycled Products to Preserve the Environment

As we can see, there are many recycled products out there that aim to preserve the environment.

If we could buy recycled products from old, seemingly unusable materials, we would reduce the amount of waste in our environment.

There are even some products made from recycled materials that you never expect, such as boat sails.

Buying recycled products is the first step to start protecting the environment and adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

How nice it would be if we could buy the right recycled products that could help save the planet earth. These are small steps that you have to start with yourself in order to inspire others.