10 Benefits of Bamboo Straws for Life

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10 Benefits of Bamboo Straws for Life

Most people use straws only for practicality and style in the middle of the party. Think again, do we really need to drink through a straw?

Unfortunately, plastic straws are only used once, even for only a few minutes before being thrown in the trash.

Now, let's consider the alternatives that nature has to offer us, while also benefiting the environment. Yes, bamboo straws!

Bamboo straws are alternative to plastic straws made from natural materials and can be used repeatedly. Currently, drinking straws made of bamboo are widely used by the F&B industry because they have an elegant design, while preserving the environment.

Make sure you continue reading this article to add information regarding the benefits of using drinking straws from bamboo to save the environment and our lives.

Advantages and Benefits of Bamboo for Life and the Environment

Here are some advantages that will make you think you should immediately swap plastic straws for bamboo straws. Let's discuss them one by one:

1. Natural Fiber

Bamboo is made from the trunk of a bamboo tree that grows in tropical climates. This means that naturally bamboo is easily decomposed by the soil safely without harming marine life and the natural environment.

Bamboo is a sustainable material and can be grown without the need for pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo is also antibacterial which is suitable for straws and other tableware.

2. Decomposable Soil

Bamboo straws are 100% biodegradable in the soil after disposal. Bamboo is a biodegradable material that comes from the earth and returns to the earth. Biodegradable waste can be decomposed within 4-6 months. On the other hand, plastic straws can decompose after 200 years!

When your bamboo drinking straw is showing signs of natural damage such as splitting, rough edges, or hairy ends, it's time to throw it away. Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can make drinking straws from bamboo as compost that can be decomposed back into the soil.

Simply split a bamboo drinking straw in half, or cut a bamboo drinking straw into small pieces with a saw or mower and spread them out in the garden.

3. Sustainable Alternatives

Almost 50% Plastic waste is a type of single-use plastic. There are 448 million tons of plastic produced annually according to the report by National Geographic . Therefore, an alternative to plastic straws is needed, such as drinking straws from bamboo that are more sustainable.

You can use bamboo drinking straws over and over again if they are cleaned and cared for properly. Make sure the drinking straw from bamboo is completely dry before storing. Avoid storing in a closed container because it can trigger mold growth.

4. Save Cost

Bamboo straws are generally sold in packs of 10-20 pieces per set in various sizes. The price starts from IDR 1,000 per piece in several Indonesian marketplaces. But, think about how you can use bamboo straws over and over again for only Rp. 1,000.

In addition to saving your personal budget, think about the environmental cost savings from using bamboo drinking straws. It takes energy, energy, and money to process plastic waste, including single-use straws. Therefore, this environmental cost can be reduced by switching to drinking straws from bamboo.

5. Healthy and Chemical Free

Plastic straws are made of chemicals, such as polypropylene (PP). If exposed to heat, plastic straws run the risk of contaminating drinks. BPA (bisphenol A) can also be found in some plastic straw materials that have the potential to cause adverse health effects.

The good news is that you can use bamboo straws, which are healthier and chemical-free. Bamboo plants are natural antimicrobials that prevent the proliferation of bacteria and are resistant to decay. Bamboo can also grow naturally without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

6. Easy To Clean

Many bamboo straws are equipped with a practical brush in the package. You can clean bamboo straws more easily. Make sure when buying bamboo straws, the package comes with a cleaning brush to ensure a longer service life. What's more, if you like smoothies, fruit juices, or milkshakes.

If bamboo straws are cared for and washed properly, they will last longer to be used over and over again.

7. Portable and Sturdy

Bamboo straws are light and sturdy, and don't take up much space. You just put a straw in your bag and take it with you when you travel. A set of straws equipped with a small pocket that is compact and practical. You can put it in your purse or cosmetic bag when traveling.

Arriving at a local restaurant or café, use a drinking straw from bamboo instead of using the available single-use plastic straws. That way, you have become a tourist with a sustainable lifestyle.

8. Eco-Friendly and Renewable

Bamboo is a versatile plant. Renowned as one of the most renewable materials in the world. Bamboo plants are easy and fast to grow up to 1 meter per day. Bamboo requires little water and no pesticide fertilizers.

When bamboo is harvested, the plants easily develop and grow on their own. Bamboo benefits the environment by offering 35% more oxygen than other plants and actually helps absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Bamboo drinking straws are made of 100% natural bamboo and bring all the eco-friendly properties to their original nature.

9. Reduce Plastic Waste

As if not enough plastic straws have piled up, sometimes one straw is still wrapped one by one with additional paper or plastic.

Estimated 9 million tons plastic waste pollutes the oceans and beaches every year. If left unchecked, plastic waste will be eaten by fish, turtles, or seabirds and threaten the lives of marine animals.

Any plastic straws that don't break down into bits of particles are known as "microplastics" rather than biodegrading, which clog waterways and threaten marine life ecosystems.

According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish! If you are still thinking about the future of future generations, bamboo straws are a safe and preventative alternative environmental pollution . This is a simple step to solve the problem of plastic waste on planet earth.

10. A Natural Filter

Researchers say that bamboo straws, especially the wuluh bamboo species, are natural filters. This is because the natural fiber of wuluh bamboo can filter impurities in drinking water. Thus, the drinking water consumed will be more healthy.

There is no denying that bamboo straws are one of the most recommended straw alternatives. Not only unique and aesthetic, bamboo straws are also sustainable and biodegradable. So, what are you waiting for, change your daily drinking habits using bamboo straws!