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How Far Can A Hyundai Electric Car Travel?

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.10.03
How Far Can A Hyundai Electric Car Travel?

If we talk about electric cars with the best mileage, the name Hyundai cannot be missed. Being one of the best electric car brands, Hyundai has launched several types of electric cars whose quality cannot be doubted.

Hyundai launched two electric car products that immediately won the hearts of electric automotive lovers, namely IONIQ Electric and KONA Electric.

Not only does it look modern, Hyundai electric cars are known to be more economical, environmentally conscious, and have maximum mileage. However, what is the actual mileage of an electric car from Hyundai? More details, let's read this review to the end.

Hyundai KONA Electric Car Mileage

Let's compare how much distance the Hyundai KONA Electric car has with other vehicles. Armed with a 39.2 kWh lithium battery, it can produce a formidable powertrain. Hyundai KONA Electric's initial concept was a crossover car. However, it is more environmentally friendly and produces less carbon emissions because it is battery powered.

The motor as the main mover is pinned to the front wheels which produces 135 PS of power. No wonder, if the KONA Electric is able to reach 395 nm of torque with acceleration from 0-100 hours in just 9.9 seconds. Amazing, right!

It takes about 19 hours to fully charge the 39.2 kWh polymer-clad lithium ion battery at 2 20 V. You can charge the battery at home so you don't have to wait in long lines at public electric car charger stations.

However, if you use the 100 kWh Fast Charging system, charging the KONA Hyundai electric car battery only takes about 54 minutes with a capacity of 80%.

Then, how far is the electric car from the Hyundai KONA Electric? This petrol-free car can reach a range of up to 345 kilometers (according to NEDC) and about 289 km (according to WLTP) on a single charge.

Consumers can choose several color variants of the Hyundai KONA Electric according to their taste, such as Galactic Gray, Ignite Flame, Phantom Black, Dive in Jeju, and Atlas White. However, even though the body color is different, the cabin color for all variants remains the same, namely black (black leather).

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car Mileage

Next, we will discuss the Hyundai electric car which is no less phenomenal, namely the Hyundai IONIQ Electric.

In several European countries, the Hyundai IONIQ Electric is widely marketed to achieve the target of 10% of the world's electric car market share.

If the Hyundai KONA concept is a crossover electric car, then the Hyundai IONIQ Electric carries a liftback sedan variant with full-power electric properties. That is why, it can be said that the Hyundai IONIQ Electric is one of the best electric cars in Indonesia.

In fact, in Indonesia the Hyundai IONIQ Electric is in great demand and is quite in demand in the electric automotive market. Available in four vehicle body color variants, such as Polar White, Phantom Black, Fiery Red, and Fluidic Metal.

If you may be wondering, how far does the Hyundai IONIQ Electric car travel? On a single charge, this car can cover a distance of up to 373 kilometers.

This is because IONIC Electric is equipped with 134 Horse Power with 295 nm of torque at the front wheels. Almost like the KONA Electric, this environmentally friendly car can charge 80% of the battery capacity in just 54 minutes with the Fast Charging system. Meanwhile, if charged at home, it takes about 6 hours at 240 V.

In terms of speed, the IONIC Electric can reach a maximum speed of 167 km per hour. You could say the performance is quite good for a medium-sized electric car. Moreover, it is supported by high standard safety and security features to provide comfort in driving long and close distances.

Tips for Maximizing the Mileage of Hyundai Electric Cars

According to NEDC, the Hyundai KONA Electric electric car can reach a range of up to 345 km. Meanwhile, the mileage of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric car is about 373 km.

However, it is possible that the car mileage in real terms can still be driven more optimally. Depending on several factors, such as how to drive, maintenance of electric car components , and reducing the vehicle's electrical load.

In fact, in the Hyundai IONIQ Electric manual page H73, users are told several ways to maximize the car's mileage. Here are some of them:

1. Set the air conditioner temperature automatically

Adjusting the AC (Air Conditioner) as needed, for example: selecting automatic settings for AC Driver Only. Please note, if the temperature of the car's air conditioner is too cold, of course it can strain electricity during the trip. In addition, it can reduce the mileage of electric cars due to electrical loads.

The AC Driver Only feature can turn on the AC only in the driver's seat. Of course, this can save battery energy when driving alone and increase car mileage.

2. Stable speed

In addition to reducing electrical loads such as air conditioning or other electrical components, a stable speed also affects the mileage of an electric car. As much as possible, try to press the gas pedal at a steady speed so that the battery energy does not run out quickly.

The trick is to press the gas pedal steadily to maintain speed, while if you want to reduce speed, simply release the gas pedal gradually.

3. Regenerative system

What is the function of the regenerative system to optimize car mileage? In the Hyundai electric car system, there is a Paddle Shift feature that functions like a car braking system in general.

However, if the Paddle Shift level is increased, it can increase the mileage of a Hyundai car.

4. Wind pressure and reduce default

The next tip for maximizing the mileage of a Hyundai electric car is to ensure proper air pressure and reduce luggage. The goal is to reduce the electrical load and increase efficiency.

Finally, also make sure the tire pressure and luggage are so that the electric car is more efficient.

5. Economy mode/ Eco Mode

Another feature of Hyundai's electric car that can be relied upon to increase mileage is the Eco Mode feature. This feature will turn the Hyundai car system into economy mode to save battery power.

Even though the acceleration or speed is reduced, this actually reduces the electrical load so as to maximize the distance traveled.

That's how to maximize the mileage of electric cars from Hyundai, especially the Hyundai KONA Electric and Hyundai IONIQ Electric. Want to know more details about other electric car products from Hyundai? Visit Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park or contact the Customer Center: 0813 888 788 78.