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5 Simplest Solutions to Overcoming Climate Change

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.09.13
5 Simplest Solutions to Overcoming Climate Change

The increasing level of pollution is one of the triggers of climate change. Another impact of  climate change is the intensity of extreme weather or rising sea surface temperatures. For this reason, it is necessary to have a climate change solution that can be done by humans to reduce global warming.

In recent years, climate change is becoming increasingly apparent. Where the rain pattern tends to be unpredictable because it changes. This is the cause if at any time there can be flooding in one place but in another place there is a drought.

Currently, at the beginning of the year, Indonesia is experiencing a dry season for 6 months and 6 months facing a rainy season. This cycle has undergone changes along with environmental imbalances. Take a look at some of the solutions to climate change described in this article!

Climate Change Solutions

Handling climate change can be done in a simple way. Here are some solutions to climate change, including:

1. Tree Planting

The first climate change solution is to plant a tree , simple isn't it. You can plant trees in your yard or by placing a few small plants on your terrace. Trees and other plants during photosynthesis will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Plants are an inseparable component of the natural cycle of atmospheric exchange. Some plants can also fight the increase in carbon dioxide caused by human activities such as manufacturing, vehicular traffic, production and others.

2. Implement 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Another climate change solution is implementing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . Reduce is an activity that uses plastic packaging products, especially plastic, to a minimum. This reduce step helps reduce waste.

Reduce can be done by buying products that can be used many times instead of buying single-use ones. Then, reuse is the activity of reusing used goods such as plastic bottles or plastic bags.

While recycle is an activity to recycle unused items into useful items again. For example, you can recycle paper, newspapers, plastic, glass cans or other waste into something useful.

3. Invite Others to Preserve the Environment

Inviting others to do environmental conservation is a climate change solution that can be done together. It's easy, herbal medicine can find information about energy conservation or recycling with neighbors, friends, or even colleagues.

You can set a good example for environmental conservation with the new habits you do. For example, turning off unused electricity or making compost from organic waste. In addition, you can also join the environmentalist community to get new lessons and insights about environmental conservation.

4. Reducing the Use of Private Motorized Vehicles

You can follow this climate change solution by reducing the use of private motorized vehicles. This can reduce carbon emissions from private vehicles. Not only saving fossil fuels, cycling or walking can be a form of exercise that is healthy for the body.

You can use public transportation or use a shared vehicle. If you are forced to drive, then make sure the motorbike or car runs efficiently. For example, keeping tires inflated properly can increase mileage by more than 3%.

5. Minimize Use of CFC Equipment

Another climate change solution is to minimize the use of CFC (Cloro Four Carbon) equipment, which are compounds containing chlorine, fluorine and carbon atoms bonded to them. CFCs are usually used by air conditioning equipment such as air conditioners. It is important to know, these CFCs contribute about 20% in the process of the greenhouse effect.

Therefore, when we design a building, it is better to have a lot of air ventilation so that there is no need to use air conditioning or other air conditioners. If you really need air conditioning, make sure to choose non-CFC air conditioners that are more environmentally friendly.

6. Turning Off Electronic Equipment When Not In Use

This solution is a small climate change solution that can be done at home by turning off unused electronic equipment. For example, turning off fans, lights, air conditioning, TV, computers, refrigerators or other electronic equipment.

Replacing lamps with LED lamps is a smart way to increase energy efficiency. Moreover, now that the price of LED lights is affordable, choose one that has a light sensor so that it turns off automatically. For some types of electronic devices such as computers or TVs, use the standby feature or standby mode.

Even though this standby mode still consumes up to 40% of the energy for 20 hours. So, if electronic equipment is not used then just turn off your device. Besides saving energy, it also more save on electricity costs . For electricity, you can try using solar panels that are placed on the roof of the house to become an alternative source of electricity that can be used.

Those are some solutions to climate change that can be done by the world community. Starting from changes in activities at home, this can be a climate change solution to reduce global warming.

Another solution is to replace conventional cars that still use fossil fuels with electric cars. Hyundai Motors designs electric cars that are more environmentally friendly for alternative energy efficiency in everyday mobility. Visit Hyundai Motor Studio Indonesia for more info on various environmentally friendly Hyundai products!