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Want to Know How To Reduce Carbon Emissions? Read This!

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.01
Want to Know How To Reduce Carbon Emissions? Read This!

It is very important for the current generation to understand how to reduce carbon emissions. Just look at climate change, such as heat waves, and the melting of polar ice caps, and other worrisome natural phenomena.

We need to realize that the future is in the hands of the current generation. If there is no real solution to reduce carbon emissions, then the impact is very large for life in the future.

This article will guide you through several ways to reduce carbon emissions in your daily life. Come on, find out below!

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

There are many ways we can reduce carbon emissions. Among them:

1. Reduce air travel

Just eliminating one round-trip transoceanic flight could reduce up to 1.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. In fact, the transportation sector is the number one source of carbon emissions globally.

If you can't avoid flights, choose economy class. This is because economy class flights can carry more passengers and save 30% of carbon emissions, compared to First Class which may only contain 5-10 passengers.

2. Plant a tree

Did you know that deforestation is the biggest cause of carbon emissions? This is because forests absorb carbon dioxide and produce clean oxygen. Plant trees regularly, even if only one tree. This would be a major step towards reducing carbon emissions while preventing the impacts of climate change.

3. Switch to clean energy

Instead of relying solely on fossil fuel energy which is limited and depleted, use clean energy. Clean energy is another way to reduce carbon emissions. Examples of clean energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy.

The level of sustainability of clean energy is very high, because it can be produced by nature for free and will never run out forever.

4. Eat less red meat

When we eat one gram of beef, more than 220 grams of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. This means, we contribute 4% of carbon emissions into the air just by eating one gram of beef. Why is that?

In livestock, methane gas from animal waste contributes to carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is better to limit the consumption of beef or eat more vegetables and fruits to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

5. Save electricity at home

There are many ways you can reduce carbon gas at home. Make sure windows and doors are tightly closed when the air conditioner is turned on to keep the power low. Purchase energy efficient light bulbs such as LED bulbs.

Also, consider using alternative energy sources such as solar panels or wind power.

6. Drive efficiently

It's time to live a healthy lifestyle. If possible, ride a bicycle everywhere. Another alternative is to take public transportation such as buses, trains, public transportation, and others. When in a car, reduce carbon emissions by driving slowly and using air conditioning as needed.

It is highly recommended to buy an electric car with 0% carbon emissions for more efficient driving. Hyundai Motors presents driving innovations that are more comfortable, modern and environmentally friendly.

So, now you already know how you can reduce carbon emissions. Hopefully these easy steps you can apply in your daily lifestyle.