12 Types of Eco-Friendly Straws, Substitute for Plastic Straws

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.09.06
12 Types of Eco-Friendly Straws, Substitute for Plastic Straws

Think about it, is the culinary industry in your area already using environmentally friendly straws or are they still using plastic straws? Currently, most developed countries have banned plastic straws. However, it is undeniable that in Indonesia there are still many restaurants or places to eat that provide plastic straws.

In fact, worldwide nearly 1 billion people use plastic straws every day. Even though it's only used to drink for a few minutes, apparently it can take up to 200 years for plastic straws to decompose in the soil. How ironic, right!

During the decomposition process, plastic microparticles have polluted the oceans , soil, and even the water we drink. Therefore, it is time for everyone to think about reducing or stopping using plastic straws and switching to environmentally friendly straws.

Eco-Friendly Straw Alternative

Here are some eco-friendly straw alternatives to consider. Check out the list, come on!

1. Wheat Straws

As the name implies, eco-friendly straws are made from 100% wheat stalks. Barley stalks are usually thrown away because they are considered agricultural waste . Therefore, wheat straws can be an alternative to environmentally friendly straws that have economic value.

2. Bamboo Straws

Bamboo sticks are an alternative to plastic straws. Made from highly sustainable bamboo stems. What's more, bamboo straws are antibacterial, strong, and easily biodegradable.

3. Papaya Straws

Made from young papaya stems, eco-friendly straws are very unique and easy to make. You just need to take a young papaya stem, remove the leaves, and clean it.

These straws are suitable for drinks such as cocktails, young coconut ice, and more.

4. Hay Straws

Maybe hay straws are not so familiar. You can sip your drink with an eco-friendly straw that our ancestors used in the past. Hay straws are 100% natural and biodegradable. However, hay straws are thin and non durable.

5. Sugarcane Straws

Furthermore, an alternative to plastic straws is environmentally friendly straws from sugarcane stalks. Sugarcane straws help reduce plastic waste . In addition, you can wash and use it repeatedly.

Sugarcane straws are an eco-friendly type of straw that can be used in all types of drinks, both hot and cold. Cool, right!

6. Paper Straws

Now, the packaged beverage industry is starting to shift from plastic straws to paper straws. Including cafes, restaurants, restaurants, and more. Are paper straws better than plastic straws? The answer is yes!

Paper is made from trees that are always renewable and quickly decomposed by the soil. Therefore, paper straws will not pollute the sea and do not harm the survival of living things.

7. Seaweed Straws

Seaweed is a unique and sustainable material. As we know, seaweed straws are environmentally friendly straws that are safe and can rot in just a few days after being thrown away.

Although 100% plant-based, seaweed straws are sturdy, lightweight, and don't mix with drinks.

8. Metal Straws

Metal straws are in great demand in the market today. Besides being durable, why do so many people choose metal straws ? First of all, metal straws can be reused and washed.

Second, metal straws are recyclable. For example, you can recycle metal over and over again. This will reduce the amount of waste and natural resources in landfills.

Be sure to choose metal straws made of aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium so that they are corrosion resistant and don't spoil the taste of the drink.

9. Glass Straws

A luxurious and elegant appearance, making glass straws suitable for eco-friendly party events. You can wash and use glass straws repeatedly,

Even though they are prone to breakage or are less comfortable to travel with, choose a quality glass straw to make it last longer. Some people like glass straws because they don't affect the taste, and the design is cool.

Right now we must try to reduce waste as much as we can. Choose eco-friendly straws that are biodegradable.

So, recycling is the main point of excellence of glass straws. As we know, glass does not decompose for hundreds of years but can be easily recycled. That is why glass straws should be sent to a glass recycling plant when they break or are no longer in use.

10. Edible Straws

Edible straws are a new innovation in the market. These delicious straws not only make it easier to enjoy a drink, but also add flavor.

In addition, of course, it can reduce plastic waste because it can be consumed directly. Edible straws are not only the right choice, but also an ideal substitute for plastic straws.

11. Silicone Straws

For those who don't like metal straws or glass straws, silicone straws can be an alternative to plastic straws. Silicone is a more sustainable material than plastic.

However, are silicone straws safe? Yes, just make sure you buy a trusted brand or manufacturer. Silicone straws can be washed and used repeatedly to reduce plastic waste . With beautiful colors, it is guaranteed that children or anyone will like the design.

Moreover, silicone can be an alternative to plastic straws for people with disabilities because it is flexible and easy to bend as needed. The only downside to silicone straws is that they can't be recycled.

12. Carbon Fiber Straws

Another environmentally friendly straw that can be reused and washed, namely carbon fiber straws. Carbon looks elegant with black and glossy finish.

Carbon fiber material is widely used in cars, jet planes, bags, and even straws. Carbon fiber straws do not contain BPA, so they are safe for cutlery. Has antibacterial properties and does not leave an aftertaste. Plus, the carbon fiber straws are convenient to travel with because they are light and sturdy.

Well, in fact there are still many alternatives to environmentally friendly straws as a substitute for plastic straws. Let me know, which eco-friendly straws do you have?