9 Types of Pollution Based on the Cause

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9 Types of Pollution Based on the Cause

In today's modern era, there are many types of pollution that are easy to find. You could say, pollution has become a part of everyday life, especially in urban areas.

Pollution or pollution is a process that makes soil, air, water, and the environment dirty, making it unfit for use. There are various types of pollution, such as light, sound, and temperature that can be considered as pollutants or causes of pollution.

According to Pure Earth, a non-profit environmental organization, various types of pollution already affect more than 200 million people worldwide. Starting from babies born with disabilities, malnourished children and toddlers, to cancer and others. Let's read on to find out more about types of pollution!

What is Pollution?

As an easy-to-understand illustration, when you hold a glass of water, how do you know that the water is polluted?

You can tell if the water is safe to drink, if it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Clear and fresh water means that it does not contain substances that pollute it.

Another example, when you see the water in the river, it is not as clear as drinking water in a glass. However, there are many animals such as birds or fish in the river. This means that the river water is not polluted.

Imagine if human activities can cause various types of pollution. Starting from polluted river water, it flows to various areas. River water is used by the community for drinking and daily needs, including growing vegetables. Therefore, it is time for us to tackle pollution and identify various types of pollution in order to stop it.

Types of Pollution Based on Cause

According to the cause, there are several types of pollution which are divided into nine kinds. Among others:

1. Air pollution

The most common type of pollution found in urban areas is air pollution. Air pollution is a type of pollution that occurs when the air is mixed with toxic chemical gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur oxides (SO), nitrogen oxides (NO), and hydrocarbons.

If the amount of toxic gas is very concentrated and inhaled by human breathing, it can cause lung health problems, and even death.

Meanwhile, air pollution or air pollution due to industry, transportation modes, fossil fuel power generation, and infrastructure development. Although the above activities are vitally needed, humans also need to realize the importance of maintaining clean and fresh air.

In 2021, Indonesia had the worst air quality in the world, based on IQAir data.

2. Water pollution

Next, the type of pollution that is very dangerous to life is water pollution . As we know, water is the source of life. If water sources such as rivers, lakes, beaches, and groundwater are polluted, humans and other living things will find it difficult to get clean water.

This of course will reduce the quality of life of the community. Water pollution can occur due to human activities that throw garbage into rivers or industrial waste.

Water is an important aspect of life. When water quality declines, it will have a major impact on life and the surrounding environment. With the condition of polluted water, it can cause various diseases such as cancer, skin diseases, and others.

3. Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is the mixing of polluting substances with the soil, directly or indirectly. If these pollutants are directly discharged into the ground, the contaminated soil surface will release toxic substances into the air.

Furthermore, when it rains, water mixed with toxic chemicals will enter the soil layer. Making changes to soil structure and polluting groundwater or community well water.

Soil pollution can occur due to several factors. For example, factory waste dumped into rivers, acid rain, medical waste being disposed of carelessly, throwing paint, oil or grease into open areas, and so on.

4. Light Pollution

Pollution or light pollution is an event that occurs due to excessive light that interferes with the health and comfort of living things. Usually, it comes from tall buildings in big cities.

Not only from buildings, light pollution can also come from billboards or factory billboards (megatron), and street lights.

5. Noise Pollution

Besides light, another type of pollution is noise. Noise and noise is certainly very disturbing the sense of hearing. Moreover, if the noise is often heard continuously every day.

Noise pollution such as car horns, sirens, music concerts, airplanes, fighter jets, factory engine sounds, and so on.

6. Heat Pollution

Continuous exposure to hot temperatures will cause heat pollution or pollution. This occurs as a result of human activities or natural processes. For example, the air temperature in an area changes to extreme heat due to industrial activities, crowded public transportation, or natural phenomena.

Changes in temperature can also occur due to natural processes, such as due to the movement of the El Nino wind, thus making the air temperature rise.

7. Heavy Metal Pollution

Generally, heavy metal pollution is found in the area around the coast. The cause of this type of heavy metal pollution is industrial waste or household waste. However, it can also be from waste from the agricultural sector, aquaculture, and others.

It is very difficult to overcome heavy metal pollution that has polluted the sea or waters. The consequences are also quite serious, for example babies born with defects or cancer.

8. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution or pollution is a condition where there is damage caused by the activities of the nuclear industry. For example, nuclear plants and the development of nuclear weapons.

9. Visual Pollution

Have you ever seen a lot of power grid cables dangling looking untidy? In fact, this includes visual pollution that looks very visually uncomfortable.

Visual pollution or pollution is a condition where the layout of an area looks messy and inappropriate. For example, the construction of unimportant monuments, too many billboards on the side of the road, irregular power lines, and piles of garbage on the side of the road.

These are some types of pollution and their impact on humans and the environment. Hopefully the information adds knowledge and is useful.