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12 Reasons Why Biogas is Environmentally Friendly

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.07.12
12 Reasons Why Biogas is Environmentally Friendly

In recent years, biogas is known as cleaner and greener alternative fuels . Produced from processing waste from animal waste or food waste, which produces methane.

However, a new question arises, is it true that biogas is a renewable energy solution? And, why is biogas environmentally friendly? Find the answer in this article, ok!

Reasons Why Biogas is Environmentally Friendly

When compared to pure natural gas obtained by drilling, biogas is clearly a more sustainable option. However, there are several reasons why biogas is environmentally friendly, including:

1. Reducing Livestock Waste And Garbage

The abundant supply of livestock manure and food waste can be reduced by biogas processing. This is the main reason why biogas is environmentally friendly.

Biogas requires raw materials such as household waste, organic waste , or livestock manure whose supply is very abundant around us. Directly, the existence of a biogas plant will reduce the amount of livestock waste and household waste.

2. Reducing the Impact of Climate Change

Biogas can help reduce methane emissions from landfills or livestock waste. Biogas can be used as an alternative fuel for cooking gas. This could dramatically reduce the impact of climate change.

If processed or managed, biogas can replace renewable gas energy for power sources, vehicle fuels, to household cooking gas, and the industrial sector.

3. Raw Materials Available Abundant

Another reason why biogas is environmentally friendly is the availability of abundant and sustainable raw materials. Biogas uses organic waste raw materials such as dry leaves, food scraps, livestock manure, agricultural waste, fruit peels, and others.

Trees and plants will continue to grow, while food waste will also continue to be available.

4. Zero Carbon Emissions

Biogas production occurs without oxygen. This means, technically no form of combustion occurs. Biogas is produced without combustion, meaning no carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. In other words, biogas is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.

5. Reducing the Amount of Waste in Final Disposal

We all understand that landfills are piling up. As a result, the environment becomes foul-smelling and polluted groundwater conditions.

Instead of disposing of organic materials such as livestock manure and kitchen waste to a landfill, organic waste can produce biogas.

6. Low Capital Investment

Next, another reason why biogas is environmentally friendly is the relatively low capital. Biogas generator technology can be developed at home. The gas produced can also be used directly for cooking or cooking alternative electrical energy . Biogas can also be compressed to achieve natural gas qualities and used to power cars.

The raw materials provided are very abundant in nature, such as cow dung, leftover leaves, food scraps, fruit peels, agricultural waste, and others. This is what makes the cost of biogas production very cheap.

7. Creating Green Jobs

Biogas plants or factories have created millions of new jobs in several countries. Especially in the field of waste collection and treatment. For example, in India, the biogas industry is able to create more than 10 million daily jobs every year in rural and remote areas.

8. Reduce Water Pollution

The next reason will make you agree why biogas is environmentally friendly. Clean water sources are decreasing and even becoming a luxury in certain countries. It is very important to reduce water pollution . Biogas can reduce waste that pollutes water by treating the waste that goes to the Final Disposal Site.

9. Minimizing Fossil Fuel Dependence

Many countries have invested money in the biogas sector, such as India and China. This has succeeded in reducing dependence on fossil fuels. China, as the country with the largest population is able to reduce the use of fossil energy sources, such as oil, natural gas, and coal.

10. Clean and Healthy Environment

Waste collection and management has increased significantly in the biogas generating area. More and more people are collecting organic waste to earn extra income. This also leads to healthy and clean environment around the biogas area.

11. Produce Organic Fertilizer

The process of making biogas produces residual processing in the form of organic fertilizer which is rich in nutrients. This product can be a substitute for chemical fertilizers that pollute the soil. Organic fertilizers produced from biogas are much safer and accelerate the growth of fruit or vegetables.

Not only that, the use of organic fertilizers can also prevent plant diseases due to toxic materials from chemical fertilizers.

12. Odorless Biogas

Biogas consists mostly of methane so it is odorless. Apart from being odorless, biogas is also colorless and tasteless. Utilizing it for household needs is an ideal way to reduce the cost of electricity bills, as well as buying gas for cooking.

An organic waste treatment system that produces biogas, not only saves energy, but also protects the environment and eliminates carbon emissions.

It is clear, why biogas is environmentally friendly for us. Biogas is produced from organic waste which is always available in abundance in the surrounding environment. Therefore, biogas is a sustainable energy source that can be generated and renewed over time.

This is the reason why biogas is environmentally friendly. From some of the discussions above, the use of biogas in the environment can help preserve and save the earth from pollution climate change impacts .

So, what do you think, is biogas suitable to be applied as a renewable energy source around your place?