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7 Causes of the Greenhouse Effect and the Process of Its Occurrence

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park 2022.10.04
7 Causes of the Greenhouse Effect and the Process of Its Occurrence

If you are wondering what causes the greenhouse effect? Actually, the answer is varied. One of the most popular causes of the greenhouse effect is the trapping of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and methane on the earth's surface.

This is what makes the earth's temperature increase or global warming occurs. It can be felt, now the weather and climate change when the heat is getting hotter and hotter. Then, what if the earth's temperature is increasing every year?

Of course, global warming will threaten the survival of mankind, animals and plants. Therefore, we need to prevent the various causes of the greenhouse effect.

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

Before we delve into more detail about what causes the greenhouse effect, first know what it means.

Based on information from the New Mexico Energy Association, United States, the definition of the greenhouse effect is a condition in which hot temperatures are trapped in the earth's atmosphere due to obstruction of emission gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Most of the gas emissions are the result of combustion and human activities. Examples include vehicle fumes, factory fumes, and forest fires. In addition to some of the activities above, here are other causes of the greenhouse effect:

1. Factory Gas

Every day the industrial sector produces carbon emissions that are toxic and harmful to the environment. If the gas is trapped in the atmosphere, it can cause the greenhouse effect.

Factory smoke is a triggering factor for air pollution which releases methane gas, nitrogen oxidants, carbon dioxide, and other toxic gases. Thus, the earth's temperature has increased dramatically in the last 50 years

2. Gasoline usage

Gasoline has been used to fuel cars and motorcycles. However, the combustion results release carbon dioxide gas which is harmful and pollutes the environment. Carbon dioxide gas will capture the heat temperature on the earth's surface which is the cause of the greenhouse effect.

3. Burning plastic waste

Plastic waste is often generated from packaging or human activities. From the research, it is stated that plastic exposed to hot temperatures will emit methane and ethylene gases.

Naturally, methane gas is the cause of the greenhouse effect, mainly because methane gas is able to increase the earth's surface temperature .

4. Forest fires

Almost every year, fires occur in various countries. It is necessary to investigate who is the main perpetrator of the incident. Not only burning protected plants and trees, the huge smoke from forest fires pollutes the environment.

According to the World Bank, almost 14.5 million hectares of the world's forests are lost per year. Many people are clearing new land by burning forests. This is why we need to work together to solve the challenge of causing the greenhouse effect caused by burning land.

5. Waste of electricity

The next cause of the greenhouse effect is the waste of electricity consumption. As is known, power generation requires a large amount of energy. Both, in the form of oil and coal.

If human activities do not care about electricity efficiency, then the exploitation of natural resources and petroleum will damage the environment.

6. Excessive Chlorine Use

Chloro substance Fluoro Carbon (CFC) or chlorine is the cause of the greenhouse effect and is able to deplete the ozone layer. So far, CFCs are widely used for refrigerators, air fresheners, and air conditioners (AC). If humans are not able to control the use of chlorine, this chemical will deplete the ozone layer and trigger global warming.

7. Exploitation of Trees for Tissue

The main ingredients of wipes are plant cellulose or wood fibers. If humans continue to cut down trees for household products, this could be the cause of the greenhouse effect.

Imagine, what if the trees were cut down just to make tissue? What is the fate of mankind, animals, and animals? Of course, we will all be on the verge of collapse. Because, without trees, living things cannot get clean oxygen to breathe.

How does the Greenhouse Effect occur?

If you want to know what the greenhouse effect is like, you can imagine being in a car during the day while parking.

Sunlight that enters through the windshield will be reflected to the outside. However, some of the heat remains trapped in the car cabin. This is why the temperature inside the car is hotter than around the car.

The same goes for the greenhouse effect. Sunlight that radiates to the earth, will be reflected by the atmosphere. However, some still enter the earth and are trapped in it. Thus, making the earth's temperature increase every year.

Emission gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, gas monoxide, and other toxic gases, must be eliminated or at least minimized. One of them is by planting more trees, gardening around the house, cultivating seaweed, and conserving mangroves.

Below is information on heat energy that is reflected back to the earth:

  • About 10% of the heat energy will be reflected back to the earth
  • About 25% of the heat energy is absorbed by the clouds
  • About 25% of the heat energy will be reflected to clouds and other particles
  • About 45% of heat energy is absorbed by the earth

It can be concluded that the layers of the earth's atmosphere are like a layer of glass that traps and reflects sunlight and heat. Therefore, due to the process of the greenhouse effect, thus making the geothermal heat increase or known as global warming (global warming).

A few decades ago, the process of the greenhouse effect only made the earth's temperature warm. However, over time, warm temperatures turn into hot ones. As a result of increasing temperature accumulation.

Hopefully, from the review in the article about the causes of the greenhouse effect and the process it occurs, we can increase our knowledge so that we can implement a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.